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Converting from Cash Registers to Liquor Store Point of Sale Systems

Converting to a Liquor Store POS Cash Register

A traditional cash register can give the store a nostalgic air as customers move in and out of the store. However, liquor stores have huge inventories stocked on shelves, backrooms, and warehouses. Keeping track of this inventory is extremely important, and is more than just a traditional cash register. Converting your traditional cash register to a liquor store POS cash register will allow store owners to not only get their customers quickly out the door, but will provide the business with inventory control with a snapshot of daily sales.

Nearly Paperless Liquor Store Point of Sale Systems

Utilizing a liquor POS system will link sales, inventory, receiving, shipping, accounting and more into one software package. This allows store owners to have almost to no paperwork associated with the system unless a customer wants a receipt or invoice. For example, the moment a liquor shipment is received, it is entered into the liquor POS software. The items SKU/UPC number, description, cost, and quantity are just a few items noted by the system. As each item moves through the system (from ordering to receiving to purchase) it gives the store owner a clear view of selling volume.

Streamlined Employee Training

As technology becomes more user-friendly, liquor store point of sale systems is becoming easier to integrate into a store front. It also allows for more simplified training. With mPower Beverage Software, we will train you on the software before going live. When you hire a new employee, not only is our liquor POS easy to use, but we have how-to videos under “help.”

Integrated Barcode Scanning & Age Verification

Simple handwriting misinterpretations are often the reason for inventory mistakes. When employees use a barcode scanner with a liquor POS system, they can easily scan each product. The barcodes will tell the system which product to add (receive) or subtract (sale) from inventory without any numerical mistakes. Also by utilizing a 2D barcode scanner, your store can have age verification. This will allow you to ensure your employees are correctly verifying customer birthdates.

Advanced Liquor Store Inventory Control & Reporting

After a successful work day, managers and business owners should be able to review the systems daily sales. With a liquor POS the reports should be able to provide the inventory movement and define key areas customers are most interested in. Additionally, a liquor store POS software should offer great inventory control and reporting. This will allow you to see your profit margins, take inventory counts, see what products are moving or not moving, and more. With accurate inventory control and reports, you can see a snapshot of the business within seconds to make educated business decisions.

Omni-Channel Opportunities

By utilizing a liquor store POS, you can easily integrate your omni-channel platforms. These platforms can include a website, phone apps (ex: Drizly), electronic shelf tags, and more. By having an easier way to integrate with your online opportunities, you can not only gain visibility to your store, but manage your inventory more efficiently.


Liquor store point of sale systems are easily integrated into a business. By utilizing a liquor POS, businesses will have a better view of the inventory and a better understanding of profits. Profit and loss analysis will also have a more accurate picture every quarter compared to cash register receipts. Finally, the implementation is easier than you expect and the business insights you receive are priceless.

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