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Implementing Liquor Store POS Software is Easier Than You Think

Implement New Liquor Store POS Software

Today, many liquor stores still use old inventory control measures. These methods include pen and paper, which takes more time away from improving the store and money away from the owners’ pockets. There is a much easier solution to inventory control: posPOS software.

Liquor Store POS Software can help liquor store owners with not only improving their sales, but their inventory management and customer relationship management. Together, these can all improve the store. Many liquor store owners though, fear that it is difficult to implement and are content with doing things the way that they have always done.

However, this fear is false! Implementing Liquor Store POS Software is simple with the right software and right tools.

mPower Beverage Makes Implementing Simple

We know that implementing a new software can be scary and feel like hard work. This is why we offer our clients an exclusive project manager to help with the on-boarding process. They will hold your hand through every step. From gathering data, importing data, and training yourself and employees.

  • Question: “But what if I hire new employees?”
    • No worries! We offer training videos for our clients to use when they hire new employees. Use these videos for either your new manager or a new cashier.

Inventory Adjustment

One concern about switching software is the past sales history and getting your inventory into the new platform. mPower Beverage offers two options to assist you with this.

  1. If you can export your inventory into CSV or Excel format, we can help format that report to be able to import it into your new database.
  2. If you are unable to export your inventory, we offer a 20,000 SKU pre-loaded database that can be measured down to select inventory items your store carries. For PA residents, we have a specified database for you as well.


mPower Beverage Software wants to see our clients succeed in every way. If you have questions on why our Liquor POS Software is the best choice for you, please feel free to contact us by clicking here or call us at (877) 396-0141.



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