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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer data out of my existing system into mPower?

Yes! Our team members have experience with importing data into mPower from LiquorPOS (Heartland), Vision (WinePOS), Spirits 2000 (Atlantic Systems), RMS (Microsoft), RetailStar (CAM Commerce), CounterPoint (NCR), and ShopKeep just to name a few. We do it all the time!

What technology does mPower utilize?

mPower  software is written in .NET and runs on Microsoft SQL. We recommend either Windows 8 Professional or Windows 10* Professional operating systems.

*If using Windows 10, you must use an encrypted (EMV) payment terminal for processing.

Will mPower work with my current hardware?

mPower can work with Windows based hardware. Before going live, we will test your current hardware to ensure it is working properly. You can also purchase hardware directly through us if you prefer.

How are updates provided?

Every time you login to mPower, it checks for available updates. If updates are available, you have the option to download them as they are released.

Will you install the software on site or over the web?

We almost always install mPower remotely. With current technology you will be able to give your project manager immediate access to your computers so that they can install our point of sale software and test the hardware with you off-site.

What does mPower cost?

The pricing for mPower has three main components: Software License, Professional Services, and Hardware. For more information and to view our pricing structure, please click here.

What processor does mPower work with?

mPower has several processors that we feel offer the best services for our clients. We offer direct integrations with our partners, and therefore we do not work with ISO’s or re-sellers.

What company is behind mPower Beverage?

mPower Liquor POS was designed and developed by InfoSolve, Inc.

Where are you located?

Our office is located in Dallas, TX. Contact us today!

Need more help?

We’re here for you. Give us a call at (972) 234-5884 or click here to contact us and we’ll do our best to get your answers and problems taken care of.

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