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Business Intelligence for Liquor Stores

Our POS system allows you to easily see inventory levels, sales detail, and more.

Over 70 Standard Reports

mPower Beverage has over 70 standard reports to choose from. You can choose which retail sales reports show up on your database. When running reports, you can filter them by date, departments, category, region, brand, and more. Additionally, you can edit your employee security settings to dictate which reports each of your employees can or cannot view.

Some of our most popular reports include:

  • Detailed Sales
  • Period Sales
  • Item Sales Summary
  • Sales by Department
  • End of Day
  • Daily Sales Report with Tender Tax
  • Need-to-Order Reports
  • Recommended Transfer
  • Inventory List
  • Customer Lists

Export or Email Reports

With mPower liquor store POS, you can export reports to Excel or CSV format. You can also have reports emailed to individuals or to distribution lists on a schedule. Some examples of reports that our customer have scheduled using our automated reporting tool include daily sales reports, weekly exception reports tracking no-sales or discounts given at the register by employee, and monthly year over year comparison.

Analyze Reports in Chart Format

If you prefer to see data in pivot tables or charts, use our analyze feature. When you run a report of choice, click Analyze. Select your chosen fields to add to the report and the analyze feature with automatically transform the data for you. This allows you to creatively and visually analyze your sales reports to see which departments, categories, vendors, and more, are generating the most revenue for you.

Custom Reports

Many customers have unique needs and require customized retail sales reports, which we can help design and create. Please discuss your needs with your sales representative and project manager before (or at) the time of on-boarding to have efficient time to create or tweak a report for you.

How Customers Use Our Business Intelligence 

We offer many tools to help you manage your store efficiently. Below are two examples of how our customers use our business intelligence features.

Transferring Between Locations or Warehouse

With mPower you can create ordering and transferring alerts based on business metrics. For example, you can create weekly suggested transfer reports which will alert you to products that have a shortage at one location and a surplus at another based on current selling velocity by location. Creating transfers based on this intelligence can reduce the chance that you miss sales due to having the right product in the wrong location.

Need-to-Order Reporting: Case Deal

mPower has various need-to-order reports allowing you to buy the right products within a supplier deal or needs. For example, if you are presented with a one hundred case deal on Absolut Vodka, mPower can tell you how many cases of each size and flavor to purchase (and for which locations) based on current selling velocity by location.

Liquor POS Screenshots

Exception Report
Sales Reports
Sales By Hour
Need To Order Case Deal
Transfer Between Locations
Analyze Reports
Comparison Report
End Of Day Report
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