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mPower Liquor Point of Sale Reviews

Hands on installation, training, and support separate us from those other guys.

mPower has a hands on approach to the installation and support of our liquor store POS software. mPower is designed to ensure your success and confidence in the software. We have created a point of sale software solution specifically designed for liquor stores of all sizes that is modern and easy to use. Here are some of our mPower liquor POS users describing their experience in using our software.

Hazel's Beverage World; Boulder, CO

“From Tracking by Cashier to integrated customer IDs, to all the sales and data reporting down to PCI compliance and managing my electronic shelf tags, mPower can do it all.”

Mission Wine & Spirits; Pasadena, CA

“mPower has many features that has made our day to day operations easier and efficient. We switched systems during the holiday season, which is a retail nightmare! With the help of mPower’s team the switch was smooth. The one feature that stands out for us is the separate programs for the POS and the Back Office. This ensures our registers are never down and always running to provide a great customer experience.”

Total Beverage; Thornton, CO

“mPower has always been a company that exceeds my customer service expectations. The program itself runs seamlessly and fast. we never have any speed issues. The back end reporting is incredible. I can track everything I need to make sure the business is running smoothly and profitably. The response times on issues is fantastic, and fixes happen quickly. I would highly recommend this for any liquor store, big or small.”

Malloy’s Finest Wine & Spirits; Chicago, IL

“mPower provides a great system that has made life easier for everybody in our company. It’s very user friendly and has certainly improved the way we do business. Most importantly, any time we have a question, the mPower team is easy to reach and quick to handle our needs. Highly recommended.”

Beverage King; Norwalk, CT

“Switching to mPower has been one of the best decisions I have ever made; it has made my life so much easier.”

Route 30 Wine & Liquor; Amsterdam, NY

“This [software] has given us the ability to sort through a lot of inventory that is not moving and to keep in stock at all times our fastest movers. We believe it has made a significant difference in our sales. Once learned, it is not a difficult program to use. The staff at mPower is extremely responsive.”

Below are a few mPower POS Customers across the nation.

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       Tejas Liquor           fun junction liquors colorado          bonnie brae liquor colorado

      west concord wine and spirits      liquor depot oneota        

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