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Our Liquor Store Point of Sale gives you the real-time actionable data that is needed to make intelligent business decisions in a highly competitive marketplace. Made for retail beer, wine, and liquor stores of all sizes, mPowers’ point-of-sale serves as a great tool to keep your business on track and running smoothly.

Complete Inventory Control

Managing a liquor store with thousands items can become very time consuming with a basic cash register. By utilizing a liquor POS system, you can manage your inventory in real-time. By having real-time inventory management, you are able to see what products you have on hand and what products you need to order.

mPower POS also has a built-in inventory adjustment tool to help you with physical inventory counts. Learn more → 

Multiple Location Support

mPower offers multi-store data synchronization, as well as centralized pricing and promotions. By utilizing a centralized point of sale system, you can create purchase orders, run reports, change pricing, and more all from one location. 

Additionally, if your state laws allow product transfers between locations, our recommended transfer report is a great tool. The report suggests which product you should transfer between locations based on selling velocity. Learn more →

Sales Reports & Easy Ordering

mPower has need-to-order reports to take the guess work out of what product to order for your liquor store. For example, if you are wanting to order product for the next 8 days, run the need-to-order day supply on hand report. The report will then let you know based on your history and selling velocity what product to order. 

You can also analyze reports in chart format or export reports to Excel. Additionally, you can get specific reports emailed to you on an automatic schedule. Learn more →

Customer Rewards & Groups

If your state and local laws permit you can easily set up and manage a rewards program in mPower. Additionally, if you want to offer special pricing to select customers, you can set up different customer groups such as Wholesale Customers, Rewards Club, and Wine Club members.

mPower offers reports so that you can see who your best customers are, see their purchase history, and more. You can also export reports with customer email addresses to be used with email marketing services. Learn more →

Mix&Match and Case Break Pricing

When selling beverage items, beer can be sold in singles, packs, and cases. Our liquor store point of sale software allows you to offer case break pricing down to the single.

Additionally, as a beer, wine, or liquor retailer, you may offer a variety of mix and match options. These options can include a wine case discount and mix & match 6-packs. Utilize our automated promotions and BYO 6-pack tools to easily create and manage mix & match pricing. You may also offer gift baskets which can be easily created within mPower, while product is being correctly placed for inventory measures. Learn more →

Integration Partners

mPower has strategic integration partners in place to assist you with pushing information to your website, store apps, delivery apps, electronic shelf tags, and more. Learn more →

Our most popular integrations include: QuickBooks, Fintech, Pricer, Drizly, Drync, Bottlecapps, and Beverage Media (BevSites).

With a liquor store point-of-sale system designed to meet the specific requirements retail beer, wine, and liquor requires, it will act as a trusted helper & take care of the more tedious tasks store owners or managers often don’t have the time to complete. Click here to sign up for a POS demonstration.

Our Product

Get an overview of the mPower Liquor POS product. Designed for wine and liquor stores of all sizes, our point of sale offers speed, remote access, cloud server hosting, credit card integration, reporting flexibility, age verification, and much more.

Learn more →

Liquor POS Features

Learn more about the features available with our liquor store software. Our features include purchase orders, receiving, employee management, QuickBooks integration, website and app integrations, wholesale modules, and more. Our descriptions of features include detailed explanations and screenshots. For more information, contact us.

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View The Demos

Watch our eight short video demonstrations covering the back office and point of sale software applications. The videos review functionality within mPower including setting up items, creating and receiving orders, customer management, promotions, reporting, and point of sale operation. Contact us for a more in-depth demonstration.

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We have listed some of the common questions that we get asked regarding mPower Beverage. See Questions →

You can also see the differences between mPower and other POS software by clicking here.

“mPower is the best POS software I’ve ever used.” 
– Jim Dean, Hazel’s Beverage World

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