Liquor Store POS Software Pricing

What does mPower Beverage cost up front and what does it cost on an ongoing basis?

There are three three main components to the initial software cost: Software License, Professional Services, and Hardware.

Software License

There are many ways that point of sale software companies charge for licensing their software. The license cost for mPower Beverage depends on how many locations and lanes that you require.

Below is a breakdown of the Software License cost for mPower Beverage Software.

$2,400 for the first register in each location
$1,900 for each additional register

Professional Services

The cost for installing, configuring, and training you on our software depends on various factors. The steps below describe a typical installation. Depending on your needs and requirements, the scope of work will change from one customer to the next. To get a detailed proposal, please reach out to us and we will discuss the options, understand your needs, demonstrate the software to you, and provide a detailed proposal.

During an installation, we will typically do the following:

  • Import your items, customers, and sales history
  • Order hardware as needed
  • Install mPower Beverage and SQL if required
  • Assist in setting up your credit card devices
  • Provide thorough training
  • Prepare our customers for going live


With mPower Beverage you have several options on hardware. You can purchase from us, from another third party, or we can often use what you currently have. The hardware cost will depend on your needs, your counter space, your sales volume, and other various factors. You can also utilize our cloud host server which is applicable, especially for multi-location businesses.

Cloud Server Pricing

If you would like to use our cloud hosting option for your main server, our pricing is summarized below.

Cloud Hosting Only Pricing
Tier 0 Pricing
1-2 Lanes per location
$75 per location per month

Tier 1 Pricing
3-5 Lanes per location
$100 per location per month

Tier 2 Pricing
6-10 Lanes per location
$150 per location per month

Tier 3 Pricing
10+ Lanes per location
$200 per location per month

To learn about the benefits of utilizing a cloud server with mPower, click here.

Ongoing Cost

There is an annual renewal cost associated with mPower Beverage. Actual cost depends on your software license; therefore, it varies from customer to customer. The renewal cost covers your software upgrades and customer support for the following year. The renewal cost will be listed in your detailed proposal.

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