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Liquor Store Point of Sale

Our robust, easy to use POS allows employees to checkout customers quickly.

Barcode Scanning & Age Verification

The quickest way to get customers out the door is to utilize a barcode scanner. This will allow your employees to scan the items at the register quickly. It will also eliminate pricing errors when entering it into the point of sale. You may also use a 2D barcode scanner to easily scan driver’s licenses for age verification (if local ID and laws allow).

Promotions & Discounts

Promotions that are setup in the back office will be automatically applied on the point of sale when items are scanned. The system is also set up to allow manual discounts. You may give certain employees rights to apply manual discounts or require a manager override. Promotions or discounts will not double dip. It will give the customer the best discount available to them.

Customer Tracking & Loyalty Rewards

Manage your customers on the POS side by easily being able to lookup them up with their rewards card, drivers’ license scan, customer ID number, or name. If the customer is not in the system, it is quick and easy to add them. At a minimum, our software allows you to add the customers address, phone number, e-mail address, and birthday to the customer file. If the customer needs an old receipt, easily view and reprint old receipts from their customer purchase history. Cashiers may also view the customers current point balance and in-store rewards balance

Inventory & Location Checks at the Register

If needed, employees can look-up products on the point of sale to see the quantity on hand or quantity on order. This can be helpful if a customer comes in looking for a specified product that was previously not in stock or was on special order. Additionally, you can assign an aisle and bin number to your products to let the customers know where to find them.

Liquor Point of Sale Security

User Roles & Rights

Utilizing user roles and rights allows you to choose which functions your employees can access on either the back office or the point of sale. You also have the option of creating employee templates such as manager and cashier. This allows you to choose what your employees can see or cannot see.

By creating each employee login, you can utilize the time clock function within mPower. This will allow employees to clock in/out and see how many hours they worked. When it is time for payroll, you can run a time report to see how many hours each employee has worked.

Reports & Logs

By using the user roles and rights you also have an added layer of security. Our system is document based which means any time product is touched, it is documented. This includes when a cashier cancels a sale, deletes an item from a transaction, or opens the cash drawer.

Tenders & Taxes

mPower Beverage offers integrated credit card processing to make transactions as smoothly as possible.* Tender out your customers with credit, debit, cash, check, or gift cards. The journal function on the point of sale allows you to see what time the transaction occurred, what tender type was used and more. Easily enter the batch opening/closing amounts and run X & Z reports right from the POS. *Note: mPower has several processors that we feel offer the best services for our clients. We offer direct integrations with our partners, and therefore we do not work with ISO’s or re-sellers.

mPower allows you the ability to add fee or discount functions keys. For example, some states require a $.50 bag fee. By creating a function key for the register, you can easily add the fee as needed. Another example would be offering a cash discount. Having a function key for an additional % discount on a transaction, allows your cashiers to quickly apply a cash discount to the transaction before tendering.

Some states and localities require various tax rates. This can vary based on the customers location or even the item size. You can have multiple tax rates, if required. An example of this will be Excise Tax in some Illinois Counties and/or the Spirit Tax in Washington.

If your state required bottle deposits or CRVs, the software allows you to attach the amount to the bottle size. It will automatically be added to the receipt as items are rang into the register.

Connecticut will be imposing a $.05 environmental fee on all 50ML (nips) starting in October 2021. mPower has a plan in place to attach this to each 50ML item, separate from the state required deposits, and non-taxable.

Point of Sale Screenshots

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