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How Barcodes Help Inventory Tracking

Inventory Tracking with Barcodes

In the retail industry, using a barcode can help you manage your inventory more accurately. By tracking your inventory by the barcode, you can easy manage orders, receive shipments, and see what is selling within your point of sale system.


Barcodes are especially helpful when there are multiple products that may have the same UPC code. For example, within the liquor retail industry, for your beer you have your standard brews and your holiday brews. Both products may share the UPC code. If you use a SKU number and a barcode, you can easily manage the items as standalones and the inventory of those items.

Some may not have implemented barcodes within their stores yet because they feel it is difficult and not cost effective. That is false. Implementing barcodes is very easy and cost effective. If you have the right point of sale system, they will have a ticket designer in the back office where you can easily print tickets when you have item price changes, promotion changes, or simply adding in new items. The ticket designer should be able to work with a ticket printer of your choosing. Ticket printers are typically a zebra printer or a regular printer with Avery labels.

If you’re still not convinced to implement barcodes yet, here is the number one reason (besides inventory) to implement: A seamless checkout process for the customer.

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