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The Top 3 Components of Efficient Liquor Store Software

Top 3 Components of an Efficient POS System for Beer Store, Wine Store, and Liquor Store

When running a liquor store, you will want to conduct your business in an efficient manner. This is especially true if you do not have experience running a store. However, with the right POS system for beer stores, wine stores, or liquor stores, you can run the store efficiently and without making major business errors. While keeping this in mind, below are the top three components of efficient liquor store software.

Specific to Your Industry

beerbottlestoreposThere are many retail POS systems on the market today. What does being industry specific have to do with being efficient for your store? Can you think of POS systems that are specific to beer, wine, and liquor retail? If you think about it, there are very few. Even some of those that state they only work with liquor stores, they also cater to additional retail stores by offering different packages depending on store type. mPower Beverage is one of the very few that are specific to the liquor retail industry – it is the only industry they work with. By being industry specific, your point of sale software can manage your various beer items (cases, packs, singles, seasonal…), wine items (vintage, country, appellation…), and liquor items (type, brand, size…) seamlessly. It should also be able to manage your non-alcoholic items such as lottery and tobacco.

Inventory Management

When running a beer, wine, or liquor store, you will want to keep your inventory in order and under control. To do this, you will need a liquor POS inventory system that can manage the inventory efficiently and effectively. If you were to keep track of inventory on an Excel spreadsheet or with a pen and piece of paper, you may miss a count or lose track of items. With the right liquor store software, you can easily find your items, edit items as needed, know when to place orders for product, and more. Your POS software should allow easy ordering, receiving, and reporting to quickly show you and manage inventory levels, essentially saving you time from manual entry.

Integration Partnerships

drizlylogoAs the retail liquor industry spans to online and mobile, it is more important now than ever to have that option. The industry is becoming more competitive and taking their business online. Your liquor store POS software should allow integrations with various websites, apps, etc. Popular integrations for beer, wine, and liquor stores include QuickBooks, Drizly, Drync, MiniBar, BevSites, Wine Fetch, Pricer, and Fintech.


A POS system for beer store, wine store, or liquor store can help you manage the store more efficiently and effectively. By utilizing a point of sale made for your industry, you can be sure that it has the tools to help run your business. These tools should include inventory management, reporting, and omni-channel integrations.

If you have more questions regarding Liquor Store POS Software, click here to Contact mPower Beverage or call (877) 396-0141.
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