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Simplify Your Liquor Store’s E-Commerce with mPower Beverage

Simplify Your Liquor Store’s E-Commerce

E-commerce is an additional channel to help increase your revenue streams. Therefore, it is beneficial to have a Point of Sale system that can integrate with your website and app platforms. mPower Beverage can integrate with existing or new e-commerce applications.

How does mPower integrate with e-commerce?comptype

If you have an existing application, it is a smooth transition. To do the transition, your project manager will setup mPower to push a file to your website or app by FTP site on a scheduled interval. This item file will typically include the item’s description, size, department, category, price, and more. After the file is sent to your website or app, the information will be updated online. You may also include inventory levels onto your website. If desired, you do have the option to allow your customers to see what you currently have in stock as of the last upload.

If you currently do not have an e-commerce platform, and looking to have one, your sales or support representative will verify if integration with mPower is available.

Here are a few common platforms we integrate with:
If you have any questions, please reach out to the appropriate contact listed below.
  • Current Customer
    • (972) 234-5884 ext. 1
  • Prospective Customer
    • (877) 396-0141
  • You may also fill out our contact form by clicking here.
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