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Liquor Store Inventory System

Our software can help you manage cases, packs, singles, seasonal items, vintages, and more.

Beverage Specific Item Setup

mPower’s inventory system allows you to track beverage specific attributes including, but not limited to: name, description, department, category, region, country, varietal, case pack quantity and bottle size. Within each item, you can track inventory by location, set Min/Max par counts, and add isle/bin locations. Our software allows to you seamlessly manage case break items (case/pack/single), vintages and singles. With these specific attributes, you can expect more in-depth data reporting and a clear view into your inventory for ordering.

Intelligent Ordering: Get the Right Inventory Mix

When you create purchase orders, easily review your quantity on-hand and sales history within the same screen to determine actual quantities needed. You may also create multiple orders by various vendors on the same list and mPower will automatically generate separate purchase orders for each vendor.

Suggested Ordering

mPower has three need-to-order reports to help make ordering simpler.

  1. Day Supply On Hand
  2. Case Deal
  3. Minimums/Maximums (Par Counts)

View the report, then create a Purchase Request directly from the report. Review more in-depth sales history on the items, make any necessary changes, and upon approval, purchase orders will be created. Once created, purchased orders can be printed and/or emailed (attached as a PDF) to the vendor.

Receiving into Inventory

There are three ways to receive purchase orders in mPower: To Do List, Auto Receive, and Fintech Vendor Invoice.

To Do List

The ‘To Do List,’ shows all purchase orders that have not been received. You can easily receive all items at once or make any changes to quantities, cost, etc. to make them match the invoice sent by the vendor. This can be helpful if items break on the way to the store during delivery, or if an item is on backorder.

Auto Receive

If you do not create Invoices (Purchase Orders) ahead of time, you have the option of creating an order either by entering in SKU/VIN/UPC/Search or uploading a CSV/Excel file, into the New List. Once your Quantities and Costs are correct, you can check the box that says ‘Auto Receive’ to create the Purchase Order and update your inventory levels at the same time.

Fintech Vendor Invoicing

Automate your invoicing by receiving your purchase orders directly from Fintech into mPower.

Additional Inventory Management Tools

  • Use your barcode scanner when receiving or counting product for a more accurate count.
  • Utilize Windows tablets to create inventory adjustments, purchases orders, run reports, or receive orders.
  • Transfer product between locations using our Recommended Transfer Report.
  • Print pricing tags or shelf talkers for items either individually or in bulk.
  • Create gift baskets to be sold in your store while managing the inventory accurately.
  • Allocate inventory to be sold in your Build Your Own 6-Pack department.
  • No need for an outside company for physical inventory counts with our Inventory Adjustment Merge tool.

Inventory Screenshots

Item Card Info
Item Inventory
Sales Velocity
Shelf Ticket Designer
Item Select Pos
Purchase Order Receive
Purchase Order
To Do List Pos
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