mPower Liquor POS Demo Videos

Below are 8 short demonstration videos of mPower Beverage Software, including the summaries of each video. These demonstrations will walk you through our back office and point of sale applications. See how easy it is to create items, create purchase orders, run reports, checkout customers, and more within our liquor store software. These videos are not comprehensive and do not cover everything mPower offers. To get a personalized online demonstration contact our sales team at 877-396-0141 or click here.

Liquor Store POS Demo Videos

Liquor POS Demo Overview Summaries

Liquor Store POS – Product Overview

An executive summary of the demos and tools that are available to you. It is meant to provide a general overview of our liquor inventory control and point you in the right direction.

Back Office – Overview

A brief overview of the Back Office application. The Back Office is designed to help you manage your inventory items, costs, and pricing, among other things, while customers are being check out at the point of sale.

Back Office – Inventory Item Setup

An overview of the setup process of your products and inventory. Track the name, vintage, size, UPC and more with our optional fields. Moreover, easily view quantities in stock, cost, and set pricing within the Item profile. Also, don’t forget to set your Par Counts (Min/Max) for ordering.

Back Office – Ordering & Receiving Inventory

A brief overview of the inventory ordering and receiving process in mPower Beverage. Order by item, vendor, and/or department or category. Also, easily view item sales history while on the ordering screen.

Back Office – Reporting

A brief overview of the reports and reporting capabilities available to you in mPower Beverage. Types of report categories are Customer, Inventory, Sales, Tax, Promotion, and Uncategorized.

Back Office – Customers & Promotions

A brief overview of the customer management and promotion modules in mPower. Track customer information, utilize mPower Beverage’s built-in customer loyalty program, create Customer Groups, and view customer purchase history. In Promotions, create discounts that are automatically applied at the POS.

Point of Sale – Overview

A brief overview of the liquor retail point of sale application. mPower Beverage point of sale is touchscreen and keyboard compatible.

Point of Sale – Transactions

This video reviews some standard transactions that are performed day in and day out in the beverage store environment – scan items, add customers, and quickly tender out the customer.

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