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Customer Management & Rewards

Manage Promotions, Rewards groups, house accounts, and more.

Track Customer info

In mPower you can track various fields of customer information. Below is an overview of what you can track:

  • E-Mail Address
  • Phone Numbers
  • Multiple Addresses
  • Birthdays
  • Purchase History
  • Customer Groups
  • Rewards Information
  • Store Credit

To watch a demo video of the customer management tool, click here.

Manage Customer Groups

Create customer groups to easily manage discounts, promotions, or house accounts. You can create as many customer groups as desired. Common customer groups include wine club members and rewards members. Easily tie in discounts or promotions to specific customer groups. Utilizing the customer groups function also allows you to keep track of wholesale pricing by either discounts or cost-plus pricing structures.

Offer Customer Rewards

mPower has a built-in rewards program, so you can easily manage your rewards customers points or dollars spent. You have the ability to give higher points for different categories and departments. When using rewards cards, you can easily scan the cards to add customers into transactions. To learn more on how you can set up rewards in mPower, read our blog post by clicking here.

Customer Reporting

Utilizing customer reports in your mPower Reporter, allows you to find customers who have purchased certain items or from certain categories. You may also run a report on sales history to find your best customers. Utilize the ‘Customers with Email’ report to export to Excel for email blasting with services like MailChimpiContact, or Constant Contact. By combining your customer email list and email marketing services, you can send out email promotions regarding specific new items or promotions.

Screenshots for Customer Tools

Customer Groups
Customer Screen
Customer Reports
Customer Setup Screen
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