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How Liquor Stores Can Market to Their Customers This Holiday Season

Liquor Store Marketing Can Be Easy and Affordable

Marketing to your customers doesn’t always have to take thousands of dollars or an out of the box idea. Sometimes, it can be just as simple as letting them know if upcoming promotions. Below are a few simple options, when utilizing in-store or email marketing, to get customers in your door.


Window Displays

Do you have an open sign? Do you have a sign in the window that shows weekly sales? Let customers who have never been in your store before, know you are there and open!

store open

Product Displays

Make your product displays standout. Create end caps and highlight items that you want to sell within the store. Typically, around the holidays, these include the gift sets that liquor companies put out. They may include a bottle of liquor and a couple glasses like the example below.


Product Spotlight

Spotlight products that you would like to highlight in your store. Did you get a limited edition bottle of whiskey? Did you get a one of a kind local wine? Create product tags for them explaining why that product is special and put it on the shelf. Customers will tend to buy specialty items if they understand why they are special.

Here is an example description from Penfolds wine regarding their Bin 620 Cabernet.



Using the customer management tool within your liquor store point of sale software, you can export customer emails to Excel. Additionally, there are simple, easy to use, email marketing websites you can import customers into and send out promotional emails. Top tools for this include MailChimp, iContact, and Constant Contact. These options also allow you to have a trial to see if you like it before purchasing so you can see which one fits best. The examples below are sourced through iContact.

Upcoming Deals & Promotions

Send out an email to all customers to let them know of upcoming deals and promotions. This will let your customers know what to look out for when they are in the store next. They may even make a special trip just for the promo!

This can be especially helpful if you target emails to specified customers who purchase a type of product often. For example, you have a limited-edition whiskey, you would want to send an email to customers who purchase whiskey often.

discount email

Wine Club Special

Do you have a wine club? Let them know of special upcoming discounts on specified wines they can get the upcoming week or month!


Customer Groups

If you offer other customer groups such as rewards customers, let them know of specials only they can receive by being a member.



A little idea can go a long way. Be creative and let your customers know you are there. These ideas can even carry over past the holidays to market to your customers year-round.
Also, don’t forget to abide by your local and state laws regarding marketing. Some states do prohibit liquor advertising, so please proceed with caution.
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