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6 Ways on How to Promote Wine in a Liquor Store

6 Ways on How to Promote Wine in Your Liquor Store

With wine producers coming out with new bottle designs, product in cans, and other various new ideas, promoting wine in your liquor store is more important than ever. You want to highlight new items, items that maybe aren’t top sellers, and more. Promoting wine and getting the budget-conscious customer to spend a little extra can go together.

Read below for our 6 ways on how to promote wine within your liquor store. Already trying some of these, great! Or, have a new idea that is not listed? Let us know in the comments!

wine display

End Caps

End caps are a great way to showcase specific items you would like to sell. In this case, showcase a particular wine you are fond of and let the display do the talking for you. Customers typically by an item they normally wouldn’t have purchased before, just by seeing it on an end cap. Think of a new wine in a can. It’s still relatively new and more than likely, a lot of your customers may have had interest in trying it.

Shelf Talkers

Shelf talkers can help you sell a product itself. Create a shelf talker with the wine’s information such as: vintage, varietal, and tasting score. Make sure the tasting score is large enough to catch a wine connoisseurs’ eyes. If you wish to take it a step further, add some more detail either explaining the wines taste notes or a review of the wine.

Expert Staff

If you can go one step above shelf talkers, an expert staff member would be the perfect person to sell wine. If you don’t have a sommelier, have someone that is educated enough to help people choose out the perfect bottle of wine. By having a knowledgeable, and friendly, staff member helping your customers, you can almost guarantee the customer will be back.

Wine Tastings

One way to sell wine is to offer wine tastings. This allows your customers to be able to taste test the wine before purchasing. Make sure you offer a range of prices within the tasting so customers can choose the bottle they can most likely afford.

Special Pricing

By offering a discount on certain wines, you may entice the budget-buyer to try out a new wine. If you wanted to bring in more sales on a particular day, you could also offer special pricing on a specific day between certain times. Some liquor stores offer wine clubs and once a month, for one day, they offer an extra 10% off wines.

You can also offer an everyday promotion such as 10% off 6-bottles or more.


Wine Makes the Perfect Gift

Wine makes the perfect gift for birthdays, housewarming, congratulations, holidays, and more. Create gift baskets of a couple different wines and/or snacks to sell within the store. Additionally, keep wine gift bags or baskets and cards available for purchase. This will allow customers to choose any wine and get gift wrap for it all in one place. The gift bags are also a win-win as it is an upsell for you.


There are many ways you can try to gain more wine sales within your liquor store. To recap our 6 ways to promote wine in your store are: End Caps, Shelf Talkers, Expert Staff, Wine Tastings, Special Pricing, and Gift Options.

Try out one, or all, ideas and see what works best for your store. What works for someone else, may not necessarily work for you and vice versa.

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