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Promotions within mPower

Various Promotion Options With mPower

Running promotions is a powerful way to get new customers, and returning customers, in the door. Promotions can even be as simple as a $1 off or 10% off of a case. mPower has many options on how to setup promotions. Below are a few ways on how our promotions work. To get a demonstration of our point of sale, click here.

Simple Discount

The simple discount by it’s name, is really easy to setup and use. This discount type is commonly used to:

  • Offer a Dollar Amount off
    Use this to offer a certain dollar amount off of one, or multiple, items. This type of promotion can come in handy when you are trying to close-out a specific item.
  • Offer a Percentage off
    This type of promotion comes in handy if you want to do mixed case discounts. You can offer mixed case (or half a case even!) on your various department types and/or sizes with a percentage off when they reach X amount of items. A common use for this is 10% off a Case of wine.

Mix and Match

The mix and match promotion tool within mPower is a pretty powerful option when it comes to promotion. There are many ways the promotion can be setup. Below are the most common we come across:

  • Buy 2 for $5
    This is a common promotion if you are selling energy drinks or other small items. This allows you to choose 2 from a group of items for $5.
  • Buy 2 get 1 for a $1
    This is a common promotion we see with some specific items. This allows you to offer the buy two 12-packs get the third for a $1 type promotion.
  • Buy any 750ml for 10% off 6
    This promotion is typically common for mixed case wine discounts. Which are extra popular with the simple discounts when it comes to wine. However, you can easily add Wine and Liquor 750ml to a promotion and they can do a mix and match between the two departments.
  • Buy 2 beer items get a bag of chips for free
    This is similar to the buy 2 get 1 for a $1 promotion, however you are offering them something for free.

These promotions are relatively simple to setup and can be pretty powerful. They are great to use when trying to sell a group of like items at a specific price point.

Price Point

This promotion is our least commonly used promotion, but it is an option within the system. This promotion allows you to offer your customers a bigger discount for the more items they purchase. The most common way this discount is used is:

Example: Bottle of Wine

  • Buy >6 get it for $12.99 each
  • Buy <6 get it for $11.99 each
  • Buy <12 get it for 10.99 each
  • Buy <18 get it for $9.99 each

This entices your customers to purchase more to get the bigger discount. This can even be a great setup if you do sales for events and offer a bigger discount to bigger events.

Tracking Promotions

There are various ways to track promotions within mPower. The two top ways to track promotions are:

  • Filtering Reports by Promotion Names
    You can filter certain reports by a Promotion. This allows you to see how your promotion did within the time period specified. That way you can see if it is worth running again, or never again.
  • Creating Coupons for Customers to bring into the store
    With any of the promotion types you can create a Coupon code. This allows the promotion to only be activated once the Coupon code is applied at the register. This is great if you are mailing out a flyer or sending an email. It allows you to track how well those marketing efforts are doing.


With the various types of promotions available in mPower’s liquor point of sale software, you can offer almost any promotion you can come up with, and be able to track it. For an online demonstration to see the promotions in action, click here to contact us.

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