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Liquor Store POS Software Features

Liquor Store POS Software Features

mPower Beverage offers multiple tools to help our clients succeed. Not only are they standard in our software, we continually update the software based on our clients needs. Here are a few things that mPower offers.

  • Mass Vendor Change

    • Recently, Oklahoma had a few law changes and liquor stores had vendor changes. This report came extremely handy for mPower clients when majority of their vendors changed. This tool allows you to either select specific items or the vendor entirely. Once you have chosen your filter, you simply click ‘Done’ and it will ask you for the new vendor code. It will also prompt you to ask if you are sure you want to make the changes.  Note: This report is also helpful if one vendor buys out another.
  • Print Tickets

    • One of the big items liquor stores need is the ability to print tickets, especially when prices change, new product arrives, or promotions are offered. mPower has a Print Tickets button in almost every screen available to you in the back office. A few of these screens include: Item Detail, Receiving, and Promotions. Easily print new shelf tags whenever a change occurs.
  • Built-In Rewards Program & Gift Cards

    • Our rewards program is built-in and can be based off of points for dollars spent. With the program built-in, it allows your cashiers to quickly add the customer to the transaction to receive their points. Gift cards are also built-in so you can easily sell, redeem, and manage them without having to use another platform.
  • Gift Baskets (aka Kits)

    • In mPower, gift baskets are called kits. However, they truly are gift baskets! This tool allows you to create gift baskets for you to sell in your liquor store. This is great for the holiday season or all year round. Simply create the basket type you would like to sell and add the items that will be in the basket. The system will take those items out of inventory and put them into the gift basket. Then, create a shelf tag for the gift basket to easily scan it at the register.
  • Changing Price

    • As easy as it is to change the vendor, you can change the price as well. When receiving items, you can edit the retail/cost as needed.
mPower Beverage offers much more than what is listed here. Built specifically for liquor stores, our liquor point of sale system should be your number one choice. To see an online demonstration, contact our sales team by clicking here.


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