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Make Your Sales Process Faster with mPower Liquor POS

Make Your Sales Process Faster with mPower Liquor POS 

Getting a new liquor POS system doesn’t have to be difficult to learn. With technology there will always be hurdles, even for the advanced. Here are a 5 tips to make your sales go faster within mPower Liquor Store Software.

    1. Get familiar with your Keyboard

      The easiest and quickest way to make your sales go quicker is to learn your shortcut keys. Within mPower you can have up to 50 short keys, so even though memorizing them would be a task, the everyday used ones will be a breeze. Think top keys such as Cash, Debit/Credit, Gift Cards, Select Item, Select Customer, Discount, and Hold.

    1. Use the PLUS (+) Sign

      If a customer pays the exact amount for either cash, check, or house account, use the plus sign to enter in the exact amount – without having to type it all in! Credit amount will automatically be entered.

    1. Use the Arrow Keys

      Same as before, get used to using the arrow keys on your keyboard. Page up and page down to quickly go through the function keys. You can also use the arrows to adjust quantities and select items.

    1. Utilize a 2D Scanner

      By utilizing a 2D scanner, it will not only allow you to scan product but you can easily verify your customers age by scanning the barcode on the back of their drivers license. Not only does it make age verification easier, but if you track customers in your store, you can easily add a customer by their drivers license. This essentially minimizes the information to input into the system.

  1. Quick Keys for Help and Support

    mPower has made it easy for your cashiers and managers to receive support quickly and easily. If they use the F11 key, our FAQ of videos will pop up. They are seperated into Point of Sale and Back Office for easy to find answers. If they are needing more in-depth support, they can always call us and use the F12 key to provide our support team with immediate access.

These are just a few ways mPower liquor store system helps you checkout customers quickly. Learn more by setting up an online demonstration here!  You can also see our short demo video on how quick it is to check out a customer by clicking here.

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