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mPower Makes Liquor Store’s Physical Inventory Counts Easier

Making Physical Inventory Counts Easier

Adjusting your liquor store inventory can be a tedious task and take a lot of time. mPower Beverage Software has created a tool to help make this easier. This tool is called, “Inventory Adjustment Merge.”

The Inventory Adjustment Merge Tool allows store employees to create a master count of all items on the shelves and in the warehouse.  Several people can scan inventory at once, each creating their own inventory count document that will be merged with all other documents to create a final count.  The merge will create an Inventory Adjustment that can then be uploaded to mPower to correct inventory counts several times a year.

Below is a highlight of how the tool works within mPower:

To use the inventory adjustment merge, the manager will first create a set of blank documents. The number of blank documents will depend on the number of counters.

When counting, users will scan the item and adjust the count by either scanning each item, inputting the quantity manually, or use the + and – sign to adjust the count. You can also see the item name, size, and case pack on the screen. If this person previously counted the item, it will show you how many were counted so you can get an accurate count.


Once the count is completed by each person, the documents can then be merged together to adjust the inventory.


Using the Inventory Adjustment Merge tool is a great way to take a physical inventory count of your store. The tool allows you to have multiple people take counts of different departments on different days, all while uploading the inventory adjustment one time.

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