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Looking to Expand Your Liquor Store?

Expanding your Beer, Wine, or Liquor Retail Store

Are you looking to expanding your business? Expansion can come in many forms. These forms can include offering a larger inventory profile, adding another register, adding a new location, or getting an eCommerce presence.

If you are planning on expanding your business, you will need to evaluate your current business setup. Can your software support the expansion? How quickly can your software be implemented for the new register or new location? If you are adding a location, can you have a centralized database with your current software? In the end, if you need to upgrade your software, how quickly can the new software be implemented?

These are all important questions you need to ask yourself, your software company, and then come up with a plan. Ideally, your current software should allow you to expand. If not, you should start reviewing new software to allow yourself time to process what it can (or cannot) do before implementation.

Larger Inventory Profile

If you are looking to carry more inventory, you need to make sure your database/software does not have a cap on the number of items it allows you to have. You will may also need to add new departments, categories, suppliers, and other factors for a more in-depth inventory profile.

Additionally, you will need to be able to run reports to see what new items have been created, what items are selling (or not), items that have fallen below their minimum, and more.

Adding a New Register

If looking to add a new register to your current store, you will need to ask your point of sale company how easy it is to add the additional register. Secondly, if not most importantly, you will need to think of the hardware aspects of it. That includes where you will put the software and what hardware you will need to purchase.

Find out what information is needed to add a register, and then configure your timeline. Be sure to let your POS software company know what timeline you are looking at.


Adding a New Location

If you have decided to add a new location to your portfolio, you may need (or want) a centralized database for all locations. This will allow you to seamlessly manage all locations from one location. Depending on your POS software, you should be able to price by location, run reports for one (or all) locations, manage time clock reports, and more.

If you decide (or state laws require you to) run the stores separately, you will need to get with your software company to determine how you will access each stores database.

Implementing New Software

If you decide you are going to implement new software, you will need to start the research process. You will also need to create a timeline of when the new software will need to go live. The timeline would be best built between yourself and your project manager of the new software.

mPower has additional blog posts that can assist you with questions to ask during the research process:

eCommerce Presence

If you do not have an eCommerce presence, or want to expand that presence into additional platforms, you will need to discuss with your POS company. This will allow you to make sure they can help you with getting your products to the website and any other additional information you may need or want.

With mPowers cloud server hosting, you will have access to our API. Our API allows you to easily integrate with any third-party. Our most common integrations include CityHive and WineFetch. Read more about our integrations by clicking here.


If you are wanting to expand your business, there are a lot of options to consider. Once you decide on the method of expansion, you should talk to your POS account manager and see how they can help you grow.

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