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Liquor Store POS Must Haves

Liquor Store POS Must Haves

The retail beverage industry is a highly competitive market. To compete, you need a great point of sale system in place. It will help you quickly receive or transfer product, change prices on the fly, print out new shelf tags, see what products are or are not selling, create automated promotions, and more. Below are 4 features you should definitely have in your POS if you’re running a beer, wine, or liquor retail store.

  1. Built-in inventory control

    • Built-in inventory control is extremely important when you are dealing with hundreds of different SKU’s, thousands of actual product, seasonal items, and more. You need to be able to separate the items if they have the same UPC code. Having advanced inventory management should allow you to sell your items seamlessly while keeping each item separate. This will allow you to create purchase orders for the product you actually need. It will let you know what season items, what vintages, case/pack/singles to order, etc. This can be extremely helpful during the holiday season when distributors have limited-edition items. You can order based on last years sales history of the item and still keep it separate from the every day item.
  2. Promotional pricing

    • Many retail beverage stores offer promotions on specific items, days, times, and even run specials. Having a system that can automatically apply these discounts for you will make the checkout process quick for customers and employees.
    • Below is a snapshot of how promotions look when setting them up in mPower. When creating promotions you can:
      • Select the Campaign type (Beer, Wine, etc)
      • Type of Promotion (Simple Discount, Mix or Match)
      • You can create a coupon code if you wish to send out coupons and track them. You can see our blog post about tracking these by clicking here.
      • Start and End date, including Time. This is great if you offer a customer group a happy hour discount between 5pm-7pm. You can also include specific days a week so you can offer discounts every Thursday or Monday to Tuesday and more.
      • You can add items either by the Item or Merchandising level. This allows you to either create a sales list or offer wine case discounts.
      • If you have multiple locations, you can determine which location(s) the promotion should be applied to.
      • You can also select specific customer groups for promotions to be tied to. Common customer groups include rewards members and wine clubs.liquorstorepromo
        ***The above are examples of how they can be setup and not the only way.
  3. Reporting

    • Reporting is extremely important when running ANY type of business. You need to be able to see what is going on in your store. What items are or are not selling? Are you making a profit? What did sales look like XYZ day, month to date, last year, etc? What does your inventory look like? These are just a handful of questions you may have when running a business. You will need a POS software that offers you these reports and more. mPower Beverage has over 80 built-in reports, including state required such as PLCB (PA) and TABC (TX). Learn more about our reporting by clicking here.
  4. Integrated credit cards

    • Using integrated credit card processing allows you to quickly checkout your customers. mPower Beverage has several processors that we feel offer the best services for our clients. Since we offer the direct integration, we do not work with gateways or ISO’s. This not only makes your checkout process quicker, but could lower your rates (no gateway fee) and direct contact information to the company. With our integration you can receive EMV, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and more.


With the many point of sale systems out there today, your best bet is to get one that is tailored for your industry. They will have the specific tools needed for your business to run efficiently. This blog post only covers 4 features a POS should have. You can check out our other blog posts below to learn more or Click Here to contact our Sales team.


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