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3 Things Not to Do When Purchasing a POS System

3 Things Not to Do When Purchasing a POS System

Deciding to invest (or upgrade) into a POS system can be a timely and costly process. There are many things you can do right, but there are things some owners forget to do, or take into consideration. Below are 3 items you should never skimp on while deciding on a point of sale.

1. Don’t purchase the hardware before deciding on a POS system.

  • This is one of the most important don’ts. If you purchase your hardware before purchasing a POS system, you will be limiting yourself to what POS you can have. Some POS companies have proprietary hardware while others you can get hardware on your own. Make sure you do your research and choose a POS before purchasing the hardware. Who knows, maybe your new POS will allow you to use your current hardware!

2. Don’t buy it just because it’s the cheapest.

  • This is important. Everyone is always looking for the next best thing. Sometimes, the next best thing isn’t always the cheapest. Have you heard that phrase, you get what you pay for? This is true when it comes to POS systems. It especially holds true when there are a multitude of system choices out there today, and some just don’t work for specific businesses. For example, there are generic POS software that says they cater to all businesses, but typically work best for small businesses such as a coffee shop. There are others that are specific to restaurants, apartment complexes, liquor stores, and more. Make sure you evaluate each system by what they can do, not just fully on their price. You want to choose the right system for you the first time around.

3. Don’t skip the research and demonstration process.

  • Last, but definitely not least, is don’t forget to do your research. This will allow you to evaluate each system in depth and make sure it is going to work for your business. Secondly, make sure you get a demonstration of the product. Some companies may say they have certain functionality, but it either does not work or is a premium add on. You need to make sure the POS software works the way your business needs it to. Compare your apples to apples and get the demonstration!


It is also important to remember that it is okay to not fully know what you are looking for. Make sure you do your research, ask questions, and make sure the system is going to work for your business. If you do your research and evaluate each system, you are bound to get one that will work for you.

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