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How a Liquor Store POS System Can Help Small Retailers

How a Liquor Store POS System Can Help Small Retailers

If you’re a small liquor retailer, you may be thinking to yourself that you don’t need a point of sale system. That statement couldn’t be anymore untrue. If you have inventory, you need a point of sale system. A point of sale system not only allows you to quickly check out your customers, but it also allows you to streamline discounts, offer rewards programs, track customers, and most importantly, manage your inventory.

Here are 5 ways our liquor store POS system can help:

1. Automated Promotions & Discounts

Our liquor store POS has built-in promotions and discounts, allowing you to set your promo and let the POS do its job. When the specifications have been met on the sales side, the discount will automatically be applied. This can also help you quickly change prices to compete with your competitors.


2. Customer Loyalty and Wholesale Pricing

mPower has a built-in customer management tool allowing you to track wholesale accounts, wine club members, house accounts, reward members, and more. By utilizing the customer management tool, you can track your customers and target your marketing/promotions.


3. Inventory Management with Automated Ordering

Our liquor point of sale system allows you to manage your inventory down to the vintage, single, and more. With our business intelligence tools, you can automate your ordering, create purchase orders with multiple vendors at once, receive partial orders, quick receive items, and more. With our POS system, manage your inventory with ease and take more time back in your day.

One of our most popular business intelligence tools is our need-to-order reports. You simply run a report based on min/max, case deal, or DSOH, edit the number of items you actually wish to order, and create a purchase request from the report – automatically. To learn more about our need-to-order reports by clicking here.


4. Advanced Reporting

Reporting is one of the most important parts next to managing inventory. You need reliable and advanced reporting to know what items are selling or not selling, what items you need to order, what items are on hand, and more. With our advanced reporting, you can not only run over 80 different reports, you can export the report to Excel or even analyze it into a bar chart.


5. Quick Transactions

Utilizing a liquor point of sale system can allow you to get your customers in and out quickly. With mPower Beverage, easily scan your items, manually or scan additional quantities, scan drivers licenses for quick age verification, and more. With the promotions automatically applying when specifications are met and the ability to scan items/licenses, you can quickly get your customers in and out the door. This gives you great customer service and hopefully them coming back for more.

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When operating a business, your inventory is your business. If you don’t have inventory, you cannot satisfy your customers needs. Utilize a point of sale system that allows you to not only track the inventory but allow you to make tactical business decisions such as what items to order based on selling velocity, what seasonal items to order based on last years sales, and what products are not selling. By having these three things, at minimum, in your POS software you can simplify your ordering and discount products that are not selling.

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