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Why Choose mPower Liquor POS System?

Why Choose mPower Liquor POS System?

There are many point of sale systems on the market today. Majority of them are not specific to one industry. Therefore, they can have customers in the bar, retail, restaurant, sports, etc. industries. When you are evaluating POS software for your beer, wine, and retail liquor store(s), keep mPower Beverage in mind. Here are 3 reasons why:

Specific to the Beer, Wine, and Liquor Retail Industry

We are made for the industry. Our software was created for you, and by you. We listen to our customers to make updates so your life is easier. Since we only deal with the beverage retail industry, we speak your language. Singles, cases, packs, vintages, varietals, seasonal, etc. we know the game and have tools in place to help you succeed.

Multiple Location Support

We pride ourselves in not only being the best liquor POS for single locations, but for multi-locations as well. With a centralized database, access every location from right where you are. Whether you’re at home, on vacation, at a different location, access your stores information instantly. Not only that, if your state law allows, we have a recommended transfer report that quickly tells you which products to transfer, including from which location to transfer from to which location to transfer to.

Integrated Promotions, Customer Loyalty, and Gift Cards

You will no longer have to do these on your own outside of the POS. If your state laws allow, you can easily keep track of your customers with our built-in customer loyalty function. This allows you to assign them to a customer group such as employee or wholesale, offer rewards points, and maintain house accounts. You will also have the ability to setup automated promotions/discounts so your employees do not have to remember them as they change. Additionally, you can set them up to be a certain time period, specific day, or a specific time of day. Once these promotions are set up to the specified product, the discount will be automatically applied on the point of sale. Gift Cards are also integrated into the system. You can easily sell and redeem them from the POS without having to go through a credit card processor.

There are many reasons to choose mPower Beverage, but these are 3 great reasons why you should definitely keep us in mind! If you reach out to our Sales Team at 877-396-0141 they can help answer any additional questions you may have or setup an online personalized demonstration.


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