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Helpful mPower Beverages’ Liquor POS Tools

Helpful mPower Beverages’ Liquor POS Tools

When you are looking in a point of sale, you want one that not only helps with inventory control, but helps make your employees jobs easier. mPower Beverages’ Liquor POS gives your cashiers the tools needed to help a customer on a whim. Below are a few helpful tools that can help your employee make the customer experience better.

Search by Category or Name

If you have a customer that comes in and wants to know what type of Vodka you have on the shelf, the cashier can quickly type in ‘Vodka’ into the Lookup Item field.

lookup item

It will then bring in all of your vodka items. Your cashier can then go through the list and name some items.

item information

Now, lets say the employee comes in and want to know what flavors of Absolut you carry. Your employee can type in Absolut and it will bring in any items with ‘absolut’ in them.

item matches

Search by Kosher or Organic

Under the item tab in Back Office, you can check a box that says the item is Kosher or Organic.

kosher organic

Then, on the register you can search either [k] or [o] in the Lookup Item field.

lookup item

It will populate a list that have been marked as Kosher or Organic.

item match
Example item.

Quantity on Hand

Within the Item Lookup you can edit the columns that are visible within searches. These columns can include SKUnumber, Item Name, Description, Size, and Retail.

The columns can also include items such as Quantity on Hand or Quantity on Order. These are especially helpful if a customer is looking for an item and you may be out of stock. This allows the employee to let them know if there are any on order.

qty on hand
In this example item, the QOO is blank. This means that these items are not on a current order. Additionally, on the SKU 3966 you can see the QOH is negative. This means that the item was sold into the negative. Which, in turn, means the item was sold but chances are it was not received into inventory yet (or the count was off), thus created a negative number.

Hold Transactions

Within mPower, you can hold a transaction and recall it as needed. This is helpful for employees to get other customers out the door while the customer goes back to their car to get their wallet (or any other reason).

How this works is the employee rings up the transaction and when they go to get payment, the customer realizes they forgot their wallet in their car (or need another item, etc). The cashier can then click on the Hold function key.


It will then ask the cashier if they wish to add a customer to the transaction before putting it on hold. Note: it will not ask this if a customer has already been added. For the purpose of this example, I am going to click No.

add customer

It will then ask if I wish to put any comments for the hold transaction. This is extremely helpful in identifying the customer who put the items on hold. You can put the color of their shirt, their name, or any other identifying characteristics.


Then, when the customer comes back, the cashier will click on Recall from Hold.

recall from hold

This will bring in all transactions that are on hold. Highlight the correct transaction and click Ok.


The items will then populate into the screen and the cashier can tender out the sale.

Reserve Items

Within mPower, you can also reserve items. This is exceptionally useful when people call in to Reserve Kegs. The way you put items on Reserve and Recall from Reserve is very similar to putting transactions on Hold. The main difference between the two, is that when putting items on Reserve, not only will it ask for comments, it will ask you to put the date they will come in and pick them up. As default, it sets it out to one week, but you can change this date.

reserve info

Then, when the customer comes in to pickup their reserved items, the cashier will click on Recall from Reserve, pull in the transaction, and tender out as normal.


There are many different tools within mPowers’ POS software. The ones we went over here include: Category Search, Item Search, Kosher/Organic Search, Quantity on Hand/Order, Hold Transactions, and Reserve Items.

If you wish to learn more about mPowers’ register features, you can click here to access information on our website or click here to get a personalized demonstration. You can also reach our sales team at 877-396-0141.

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