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Dig Deeper Into Liquor Store Inventory

Dig Deeper into Your Inventory with Liquor POS Software

mPower Beverage is a document-based system. This means, that any time an item is touched, it is recorded. Not only are our reporting features a great look into your inventory, the item screen has very useful information as well. Below is how the item screen can allow you to dive into your products.

Item Screen

The item screen is where you can see everything about the item. UPC, SKU, Department, Size, Case Pack, and more. The various tabs available in this screen allow you to look beyond the item, and into the inventory. We will go through a few below.



Under the vendor/pricing tab, you can change the vendor, and update pricing. On the right-hand side you can also see your gross profit margin and weighted average cost.



Under promotions, you can see all the promo’s the item is attached to, and the discount amount. If the item is attached to a promotion group, you can see that on the right-hand side. You can also print tickets from the bottom left.

If you wish to add or remove the item from a promotion, click the links in the bottom left-hand corner.



Under the inventory tab, you can see how much product you have on-hand at each location (if applicable). Here is where you set your minimums and maximums. You can also set what isle and bin number the item is location.



Under the item detail tab, in the bottom left hand corner there are two links – Item Sales Velocity and Item Movement History. These two tabs will allow you to look at sales history and any time the item was touched.


Item Movement History

The item movement history will allow you to quickly see when the product was ordered, received, adjusted, sold, etc. If you click on the Document Number you can easily open the document to view the transaction that occurred.


Item Sales Velocity

The item sales velocity tool allows you to visually see the sales history for a particular item.



By utilizing mPower Beverage’s liquor store POS software, you can easily dig deeper into your inventory. See anytime a product was touched, easily make changes, add or delete from promotions, and more.

To learn more and see the item detail in action, contact our sales team at 877-396-0141.


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