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Liquor Store Promotion Ideas | Social Media and Sponsorship’s

Liquor Store Promotion Ideas of Social Media & Sponsorship

When running a liquor store, it can be vital to market to your customers in different ways. We’ve previously posted general promotion ideas located here. This time, we wanted to share a few unique ways you can incorporate social media and sponsorship’s into your promotion schedule.

Social Media

There are a few different ways to promote your store on social media. Here are a few unique ways that you can do that:

  1. Cross Selling Items or Close Out Items

    1. One quick way to promote multiple products or close out items would be to post them on social media. Simply take a photo of the product and post it with the promo pricing. This will entice those who didn’t plan to stop by that day, but cant miss out on a good sale.
  2. Radius Advertising

    1. This one can be pricey, but can definitely help getting some locals in. On Facebook you can setup an advertising search radius. This allows you to advertise to only the customers in a radius of your choosing. You can choose the entire city, or even a close range radius. Make the deal sweeter by offering a discount if they mention the ad.
  3. Online Only Coupons

    1. Wanting to get more email addresses to market to? Create an online only coupon! Require the customer to put in their email address to receive their coupon. They will receive the coupon and you will receive another person to market to – a win, win for you both.
  4. Passphrase

    1. Create a “Passphrase” day where you post a passphrase on your social media profile. For example, make Tuesday Passphrase day and post something such as: “Come in today and tell the cashier at checkout ‘Barry Is the Best Person Ever’ to get a 5% discount.” Change the passphrase each time as well. Get as creative or simple as you like!

Referrals or Comments

Within this idea you can either do it on social media or in the store. The first option is to create referral cards for customers to refer new customers. Give each party a discount – as long as it is a new customer. The second option would be to create a comment card. This will allow you to send or email customers who fill it out a discount. A third option would be to create a suggestion box. This box can be used for customers to suggest specific items. Once that item comes in, offer those who suggested it a discount to come back in to purchase.

This idea can be used in a variety of ways. Be creative!


This one may be a costly idea depending how you utilize it. But simply sponsor a child for a trip, sponsor an event (provide alcohol), sponsor a team (buy jerseys with your logo sewed on), etc. Anything you can sponsor and promote your store is a great idea. They can be inexpensive or as expensive as you choose.


There are many ways to utilize social media, comments, and sponsorship’s to promote your store. Choose one to try out and see how it works.

If you need more promotion ideas check out our original blog here, and our travel/food pairing blog here.

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