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Liquor Store Promotion Ideas | Travel and Food Pairings

Liquor Store Promotion Ideas of Travel and Food

When running a liquor store, it can be vital to market to your customers in different ways. We’ve previously posted general promotion ideas located here. This time, we wanted to share a few unique ways you can incorporate food and travel into your promotion schedule.

Food Pairings

In our previous post, we suggested offering tastings of items you are promoting. This time try incorporating pairing it with a food. This can be as simple as pairing a wine with cheese or beer with sliders. How fancy you get is all up to you!

Cooking With Wine/Whiskey/Beer/Etc

This one is a little more in-depth and will take a little more planning. There are 2 different ways you can do this.

  1. Joint Venture with a Gourmet Market
    1. This one is the easiest of two options. Simply get with a local gourmet market and come up with a meal plan – recipe and wine – that the customer can purchase and make at home. By creating the perfect meal with a drink pairing, you both will receive credit.
  2. Joint Venture with a Local Restaurant
    1. This one may be a little more difficult. This idea stems from partnering with a local restaurant that does food classes (or any other business that does), and you provide the wine (or other alcohol) for the class. This would include your name on the recipe and marking material.

Travel in a Bottle

This one is a little more unique. There are a few different ways to promote this one as well.

  1. Create a short giveaway report with drink beverages for each country.
  2. Create a food recipe using one of your items to hand out.
  3. Create a list for theme party suggestions including drinks, food, and music.

Some drinks you could promote for each country are:

  1. France – Champagne
  2. Japan – Saki
  3. Mexico – Tequila

You could even spotlight local or state items such as:

  1. Texas – Tito’s Vodka or Shiner
  2. Colorado – CO Mountain Brewery
  3. Tennessee – Jack Daniels


Depending on what, and how, you decide to promote the “Around the World” idea, you may even be able to partner with another company to defray some of the costs. You could even use this promotion as a beer, sprit, or wine of the month with each month changing a theme.

We hope these ideas help generate some promotion ideas for your liquor store.

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