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Making Package Store Inventory Easy

Make Inventory Control Easier In Your Store

Managing your package store inventory can be a daunting task when you are selling product in multiple different ways. mPower Beverage makes managing this inventory easier. In mPower under the item, you can manage your inventory in multiple ways by using the SKU number. This allows you to manage your cases, packs, and singles not only under 1 item, but keep those with the same UPC code, separate.

What is the difference between UPC code and SKU number? Why is it important?

The UPC code on an item is typically 12 digits. These codes are used for tracking inventory that is sold within stores. The UPC code identifies the manufacturer and specified product so that it may be sold easily. Unfortunately, the UPC code does not allow liquor store owners to manage their inventory under a single UPC. Seasonal beers and vintage wines may share the UPC code with other items which can cause chaos while trying to track inventory. Chaos can be avoided by using the SKU number alongside the UPC.

The SKU number is a unique identifier for an item and is used to manage product. The items in mPower are tracked by the UPC code and the SKU number. The SKU is specifically assigned to a product for internal operations. Clients can assign their own SKU or allow the system to automatically assign a number.

Within mPower Beverage your product will be managed by both UPC and SKU. The UPC is used to scan product for a seamless checkout process and easy inventory count. The SKU will help you manage your seasonal and vintages separately from other product. The SKU will also help you manage your cases, packs, and singles seamlessly under 1 item.


When making inventory changes (think inventory counts) you will upload the SKU and quantity. When checking out customers, the cashiers will scan the barcode and if there is more than 1 item sharing the UPC code, it will ask the cashier to select the correct item. For example, if they purchase Sam Adams Seasonal 6-pack, it will ask the cashier to select “Sam Adams” or “Sam Adams Seasonal.”

By utilizing both the UPC code and SKU number you can manage your inventory more accurately and provide customers a seamless checkout process.

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