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Identical UPC’s on Different Items

Identical UPC’s on Different Items

One common question we are asked is: Can you track different items that share the same UPC?

Short answer: YES!

Our liquor POS software is SKU based which means you can track your seasonal, vintages, and other items that share a UPC separately. This allows you to not only sell the right item, but also keep track of how well each item is doing and manage the inventory properly.


In the example below, you can see how the UPC number is the same, but the SKU number and Size are different. In this specific example, it is allowing you to track your 4pk and 6pk separately. Thus, allowing you to not only sell them out at the right quantities, but see which size is selling and which size you need to order.

By tracking alike items with different SKU numbers, you can utilize our need-to-order reports (DSOH, par counts, case deals) for each item. You will also be able to view the sales history. This is exceptionally useful for seasonal items that are sold year-after-year. It allows you to prepare how much to order, without over ordering.

Sales History

You can see sales history within many of our reports, but the easiest way to see the sales over the last year is to use the Item Sales Velocity within the item. This will show you a graph of how the item has sold over the last 12 months. If you have multiple locations, you can also choose your location to see how each location did.

In this example, I know that I would want to begin ordering this item in June and probably make my last order in November. Please note, that since this is example data, there is more than likely an anomaly in the data (hence the random February sale).


Make sure your liquor pos software can handle your various vintages and seasonal items to keep track of everything separate. By having the right liquor store point of sale software in place, you can be rest assured you are managing your product correctly.

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