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Social Media Ideas for Liquor Stores

Social Media Ideas for Liquor Stores

Throughout our blog, we have posted various promotion ideas for your liquor store. One idea that always seems to stand out is Social Media. This medium catches the attention of your younger generations and is 100% free [unless you choose to advertise].

The easiest way to show you examples of great social media posts, is to show you great social media posts. In attempt to make this post not 10-pages long, we only chose a handful of posts from various Social Media mediums.

It is important to note that it is always difficult to choose just a handful of posts, so do not think that these are all the posts that we consider is great; they all are. These are just various great ideas that encompass: upcoming events, giveaways, catering offerings, coupons, reward programs, and more. Also, click on the photo to enlarge it and view the entire posts.





If you are ever unsure of Social Media ideas, take a look at what others are doing. Is it working? Is it not working? And most importantly, take some risks! Social Media allows you to try out various marketing tactics such as sharing specials, rewards programs, recipes, upcoming events, and more. Test a bunch of ideas out and keep what is working.

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