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Coupon Ideas for Liquor Stores

Coupon Ideas for Beer, Wine, and Liquor Retailers

If you are wanting to run a promotion to get customers to either come back or just walk into your door for the first time, you may want to offer a coupon promotion. There are a few different ways you can market the promotion and switch it up if needed.


First, you will need to think off the type of offer you will have:

Certain Amount Off of a Purchase

  • Examples: $5 off $50; $10 off $125; $15 off $200

A Percent off an Item or Purchase

  • Example: Offer a 10% discount off an item or total purchase.

Next, you will need to decide how you will market the offer:

Will you put an Ad in the newspaper? Offer it via Social Media? Email the offer to your customers? Have a “return with receipt” type coupon?

Think about where your target market would see your coupon and tailor it to that medium.

Then finally, you need to put your motion into action!

Combine your efforts on creating the coupon and then advertise it in your selected medium.

Be sure to require the customer to bring in the coupon to receive the offer. Additionally, make sure to think of the little things such as, is it a one time use coupon or is there an expiration date.

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