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CRM with mPower Beverage Liquor Store POS

Customer Relationship Management for Liquor Stores

mPower Beverage Liquor Store POS Software allows you to handle your CRM with a streamline process. Do you offer promotions to your wine club? Give rewards points on dollars spent? You can track all of that, and more, with mPower Liquor POS.

What is CRM?

The term CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRM refers to the process in which a company uses to organize, track and market to their target market. The target market can include prospects or customers. The backside of CRM is to provide support, analyze and market to the customer. While the front end of CRM is to appear uniform to the customer.

How can mPower Beverage Liquor Store POS help with CRM?

mPower Beverage Liquor Store POS System begins with the customers demographics. This includes their address, phone number, e-mail address and rewards number if applicable. Additionally, the system can track house accounts or credit lines for a customer. The customer can also be added to a customer group such as a wine club. The rewards card and member groups can award the customer with promotions that you set. The Liquor Store POS System also allows you to add an alert that will pop up on the back office and POS side. These alerts can say something of your choosing such as, “bad checks,” “top 10 customer,” or “happy birthday.”


Customer Setup Screen(click image to view more)


Additionally, you can see past purchases for a customer. This is helpful if the customer forgets what brand of scotch last month. You can easily look up which scotch they purchased. You can also look at reports for customers who have purchased a certain item (Absolut) or in a certain item category (vodka), sales history, e-mail customers their balance reports and export customer e-mail addresses to Excel for e-mail blasting.


Customer Purchase History(click image to view more)


These are just a few highlights of what you are able to do with your customer management within mPower Beverage Liquor Store POS Software.

If you would like to learn more how on mPower Liquor POS can help you with your CRM and to see a demo, please give us a call at 877-396-0141 or to view online click here.

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