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Upgrading Your Server Soon? Consider Cloud Server Hosting With mPower Beverage.

mPower Beverage Cloud Server Hosting

If you have been thinking about upgrading your current local server at your liquor store, consider mPower Beverage’s cloud server hosting option.

Below are a few of the amazing benefits for hosting your server on our cloud:

  1. Reduced IT Costs

    By outsourcing your server needs to cloud hosting, you eliminate the additional costs associated with running, maintaining, and periodically updating your local server. Instead, you will pay one monthly low rate for cloud server hosting.

  2. Stability

    Cloud server hosting provides a stable, fast, and secure environment for your database. Instead of needing to continually update and replace your main server, it provides a seamless experience for you. If you for any reason have software or server issues, mPower Beverage’s amazing support team will be able to assist you quickly and effectively.

  3. Increased Performance

    Optimize your mPower Back Office speed by utilizing the cloud. We utilize the Microsoft Azure platform providing excellent internet speed and bandwidth. Running on a powerful server with high speed internet will give you the best performance opportunity.

  4. Remote Access

    You no longer need an external static IP address to utilize mPower Back Office from off-site. Simply install Back Office on a home or laptop computer and you will be able to access your system remotely.

  5. API

    mPower’s API allows third-party integrations to be easier than ever. Choose the security rights you would like your third-party to have (sales, customers, promotions, insert sales, etc), we create them a special security token, and they use that token to pull your item information. The API also allows for sales inserts which means the third-party can insert sales back into mPower. (Please note, not all companies have written back to mPowers API at this time).

The cloud server also offers real-time backups and a register fail-over.

What about the cost?

Below is the monthly cost of the cloud server only:

1 Lane: $30 per month
2 Lanes: $60 per month
3-5 Lanes: $100 per month
6-10 Lanes: $150 per month
10+ Lanes: $200 per month

The cost is per location, per month.

If you are a current customer and would like to learn more about mPower Beverage’s cloud server hosting (or to get started!), please contact our support representatives at (972) 234-5884 ext. 1.

If you are a potential customer, please contact our sales representatives at (877) 396-0141 or click here to fill out the contact form for a formal quote.

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