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5 Ways to Make Liquor Store Reporting Easy

5 Ways Liquor Store Software Makes Reporting Easy

mPower Beverage Liquor POS Software has over 70 retail sales reports to choose from. We are breaking down 5 of the ways mPower Beverage Liquor POS Software makes reporting simple, and effective, for your liquor store.

1) Filtering: Filter your reports by department, category, region, appellation, brand, etc. We understand that running a Liquor Store can be hard work and you need to be able to find what you are looking for fast. Our Liquor Store POS Software allows you to do this quickly and efficiently.


2) Custom Reports: We understand that people have unique needs and may need a custom report. mPower Beverage can design and create a custom report to fit your needs.

3) Analyze: Recreate data into pivot tables or charts for easy analysis. Creatively see which departments, categories, etc. are generating the most revenue for you.


4) Emailed Reports: Set up specified reports to be emailed to certain employees set on a specific schedule such as daily or every other day.

5) Export: Availability to export your reports to either Excel or CVS format.

Daily Sales Report


To learn more about mPower Beverage Liquor POS Software Reporting, please contact us here.

We are also available to give you an interactive, personal demo and show you the reporting in action. For a personal demo, please call 877-396-0141.

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