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Implementing Liquor Store Software in 5 Easy Steps.

Implementing Liquor Store Software in 5 Easy Steps.

liquor store software, liquor POS softwareMany liquor stores today still use old inventory control measures. Today’s computer-driven world offers an easier solution to inventory control with liquor store software. This system is used for receiving, sales, reconciliation and shipping needs across the entire business. However, some business owners may look at liquor POS software as an intimidating and difficult system to implement. Making liquor store software work for any business is possible with a few critical steps. 

Look at Different Liquor Store Softwares

Although business owners may have a good idea about the liquor POS software they prefer, it’s crucial to look at a different products before selecting one. A particular brand may work for a liquor store colleague, but it may not work properly for another business. For example, Aloha POS is perfect for restaurants whereas mPower Beverage is made specifically for liquor retailers.

Initial Training

With a chosen software program, select a handful of managers and employees to train. The system shouldn’t go live just yet until some of the core functions have been thoroughly tested. A few trained individuals can take some time out of the day to work with the system to see if it performs as necessary, from inventory adjustments to quantity accuracy.

Broadening the Scope

With the test software working well, train the remaining employees on the system. All employees should understand each of the functions before the system takes over the inventory process. Liquor store owners don’t want to have incorrect stock quantities the first day of real software implementation.

Going Live

With the help of the software’s consultant, convert the test program into live inventory counting. Take the first few days and pay close attention to each transaction. Verify that inventory numbers are changing as necessary for accuracy control.

Reevaluating the System

After the first month of use, reconcile inventory and match it to the software. If the system was implemented properly, there should be very little inventory discrepancies. Work with the software representative if there are glaring issues. There might be an update or alteration that must be completed to make the software perfect.

With any liquor POS software, the business should have a dedicated contact or representative from the selling company. When any questions arise, this contact has all the necessary solutions to please the liquor store owner. With a professional guiding the way, liquor store software is relatively simple to incorporate into daily work life.

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