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Utilizing The Right Click Option in mPower Beverage

View More Options in mPower Back Office

When you are in mPower Back Office, you can manipulate the information on the screen by right clicking anywhere on the grey bar. You can do this under the item selections screen, my list screen, and even under reports.

Upon right clicking, the grey box will appear. You will have the option to select:

  1. Print
  2. Show/Hide Filter
  3. Export to Excel
  4. Export to PDF
  5. Edit Grid Prefs
  6. Edit My Grid Prefs

Below is an explanation of what these options do.



Selecting print, the print screen will pop up. This will allow you to select the correct printer, number of pages, and number of copies.


Show/Hide Filter

By clicking on show/hide filter, you will have the option to filter by column. Upon clicking, the filter bar will appear (highlighted). In this screen shot, the item column was selected to filter. To complete the filer, you would enter the name (or number) in the empty (highlighted) box and search. All items that have the filter will appear.


Export to Excel

To export the list to Excel, click ‘Export to Excel.’ You will need to select the file where you want to save it, enter a file name, and click save. The system will automatically save it as an Excel file.


Export to PDF

To export the list to a PDF, click ‘Export to PDF.’ You will need to select the file where you want to save it, enter a file name, and click save. The system will automatically save it as a PDF file.

For a visual, see “Export to Excel.”

Edit Grid Prefs

‘Edit Grid Prefs’ are for the back office. These preferences will be the same for everyone that uses that computer.

This screen will show you the name, allow you to select the order they show in, allow you to select if the numbers should show descending (Ex: Size), and select what is visible.

The most important part of this screen is the visible column. The visible column will allow you to select what items you would like employees to see. This can be important if you don’t want someone to be able to see certain selections such as cost.


Edit My Grid Prefs

Once the Grid Prefs are set, employees can select their own personal grid preferences by what items are available (the ones checked under ‘visible’).

‘Edit My Grid Prefs’ will edit personal grid preferences and will follow that login everywhere they go. For example, Jack wants to see Sold 60 and Sold 90 and Susan only wants to see Sold 30. Jack’s login will show the Sold 60/90 and Susan’s will only show Sold 30. This is only true IF the grid preferences are made under ‘Edit My Grid Prefs.’

The ‘Edit My Grid Prefs’ screen is different compared to ‘Edit Grid Prefs.’ This list will only allow employees to choose an order they appear in and if they want to see specific items (such as ‘Sold’ in the above example). This is what the screen looks like:



If you need any assistance, please reach out to our Support Team at (972) 234-5884 Ext. 1.
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