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Liquor Store POS: Making Inventory & Taxes Easier

Liquor Store POS: Making Inventory & Taxes Easier

January is a busy time for liquor store owners, but not how you would think. January begins a semi-quiet time when it comes to customers, but a busy time for the store in the background. It is the beginning of inventory counts, tax season, and drowning in reports. This can be exceptionally frustrating if you do not have the right liquor store POS in place.

mPower liquor store POS is made specifically for the industry. We are for beer, wine, and liquor retailers who wish to not only grow their business but have a high overview of what is happening within the business.

We can help make January and the subsequent days, months, and years, easier for you. Here are a few highlights of how we can help:

Physical Inventory Counts

Doing physical inventory counts has never been easier! There is no longer a need to hire someone to do it for you. mPower has a built-in module that allows you to scan the item and enter the quantity. Once you have finished your count, you can then use the inventory adjustment merge.

Inventory Adjustment

The inventory adjustment allows you to adjust your inventory at any given time. The most common time this tool is used though is for physical inventory counts. Often, store owners prefer to zero out the inventory in the system and then do the count. The inventory adjustment is also used to correct errors, keep track of broken bottles, and more.

Read our previous blog post called “Making Physical Inventory Counts Easier” to learn more about the count and adjustment process. You can also click here to reach out to our Sales team for a demonstration.


Our system has over 80 different reports including Inventory, Sales, Tax, and Customer. Here are a few reports we have that can help make your inventory counts and taxes easier.

liquor store point of sale software, liquor store inventory control
  • Sales by tender tax
  • Tax by department
  • Inventory Adjustments
  • Inventory Summary by Department
  • Not Counted Report
    • Items that were not counted during an inventory adjustment


With the right point of sale system you can make next years physical counts less painful and tax season a breeze. If you wish to learn more on how mPower liquor store POS can help you accomplish this, call our Sales team at 877-341-0141 or Click Here to fill out our contact form.

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