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3 Reasons to Utilize Liquor Store POS Software

3 Reasons to Utilize Liquor Store POS Software

Owning and operating a liquor store can present great benefits and alternatively, not so great benefits such as stress. By utilizing Liquor Store POS Software, you can reduce the stress and increase the benefits. Below are 3 reasons to invest, and utilize, a Liquor Store Point of Sale.

Be Compliant within State Liquor Laws

Running a liquor store not only means abiding by local laws, but by state laws as well. Stay compliant by implementing a Point of Sale system that knows your state. Find a POS software that is designed specifically for your space. You want a company that knows your business in and out. This will allow them to quickly learn about upcoming law changes from not only their current clients, but from their in-house research as well.

liquor store inventory control, liquor store point of sale softwareFor example, Pennsylvania passed a law to allow store owners to sell beer as six packs and singles. This law went into effect January 13th, 2017. mPower Beverage Software was aware of this change and was able to easily integrate the change within their current PAcustomers to be effective by the 13th.

More Control over Cash Flow

With a proper Liquor Store POS System, you can have more control over your cash flow in a variety of ways. One way is to give your managers and cashiers different roles and rights within the system. Provide your managers the right to override discounts while your cashiers need management approval before applying discounts. Another way to control your cash flow is to utilize reports. Import reports to look for include a daily sales report and need to order reports.

Easy and Accurate Age Verification

Choose a liquor store system that gives you the option to utilize a 2-D Scanner. This scanner not only scans barcodes on product, but the odd barcode on the back of a driver’s license. By using the 2-D Scanner, you are insuring that your cashiers are not only checking every ID, but making sure that the ID is not. The 2-D Scanner will not only check the birthdate on the driver’s license, but it will tell you if that license is expired or not.

A great example of this is the Texas State TABC law. It is illegal to sell, or serve, to someone with an expired license. By utilizing the 2-D scanner you can know that every customer is of legal age and has an active license. If it alerts you otherwise, you can simply not sell to that individual

By utilizing user roles and rights, age verification, and reports, you can start to reap the benefits of utilizing a Liquor Store Point of Sale Software.


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