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What to Look For in Liquor POS Software

Liquor Store Point of Sale (POS) System

A POS system is vital to the success of today’s small business, and liquor stores are no exception. POS systems all generally have the same functions, but those for the liquor industry must incorporate features that are unique to liquor stores. So, in addition to evaluating a POS system on its fit to general POS standards, it is also necessary to evaluate the ways in which a POS system solves those problems unique to liquor stores and their daily operations.

What To Look For in a Liquor POS


A point of sale will essentially take place of cash registers and current methods of inventory counts. When utilizing a POS, you will need to invest in the functionality of the system. You will need not only a checkout process but a way to take control of your inventory, run reports, manage employees, create purchase orders, receive product, manage promotions, and more. A POS will accomplish these functions by configuring the software to the proper hardware requirements into a single, logical unit that keeps cross-checking across all functions.

Physical Features

A typical liquor POS system would include a register, a credit card device, a receipt printer, and a cash drawer along with the software. Typically, your register will be a computer with keyboard/mouse or touchscreen. Some systems allow iPad’s and other tablets which look really nice, but sometimes do not have the capacity to handle a store’s needs. Tablets are typically used while receiving inventory or doing physical inventory counts for their ease of use and ability to walk around the store. Additionally, liquor stores may also have an additional computer in the back with additional data storage for order product, running reports, printing labels, and more.

Security Features

Liquor store software must incorporate strong security not only because of the strong Federal and state regulations that govern liquor sales, but also for staff monitoring and evaluation. These security features will help make processes such as ID verification much easier. It will also help track loss of inventory and open product/discounts with the reporting features. Your POS system should be able to track everything that is in the system. For example, if a product is touched – What happened to it? Who made the change or processed the purchase/return? Etc. These are the types of questions you should be able to answer.

Additional Features

There are many features we’ve discussed in a liquor point of sale system, such as reporting, ordering, and security. Additional features that can be helpful in a beer, wine, or liquor store include customer tracking and rewards. The POS will track repeat customers and can offer rewards, based on your choosing, to increase sales and create customer loyalty.

Other helpful features include real-time inventory reports allows orders to be made as soon as inventory is depleted, automatic discounts and promotions, profit reports and accounting.


Now more than ever it is important to not only invest in a good point of sale, but one that is a perfect fit for your store. It is essential to have all the functionality and features needed to run your store efficiently and profitably. Let mPower Beverage Software be your solution for your liquor store.

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