What to Look For in Liquor POS Software

Liquor Point of Sale Software

Liquor POS/Liquor POS Software A point-of-sale (POS) system is vital to the success of today’s small business, and liquor stores are no exception. POS systems all generally have the same functions, but those for the liquor industry must incorporate features that are unique to liquor stores. So, in addition to evaluating a POS system on its fit to general POS standards, it is also necessary to evaluate the ways in which a POS system solves those problems unique to liquor stores and their daily operations. 

What To Look For in a Liquor POS

Functionally, a Liquor POS must take the place of cash registers, credit card readers and whatever methods were used previously to take control of inventory. It must make entries in an accounting system, track promo sales and manage repeat customers. A POS system accomplishes these functions by integrating the software, hardware and computer systems into a single logical unit that keeps cross-checks going across all these functions.

Physically, a Liquor POS system would include at the sales counter a touch-screen monitor, a credit card reader, a receipt printer and a cash drawer along with all the software to make the systems run. In addition, there would be a terminal, keyboard and mouse, along with data storage in a back office for pulling up reports and perhaps a printer to create hard-copy reports. Cabling and wiring would connect all the components, though wireless options may also be available.

Liquor POS software must incorporate strong security, not only because of the strong Federal and state regulations that govern liquor sales, but also for staff monitoring and evaluation. Security features built into good Liquor POS software make such steps as ID verification part of the normal process for a sale. Shrinkage or the loss of inventory by staff who give away product, allow for fake discounts or over-ride normal prices is also curtailed by the security features built into the Liquor POS software.

There are several other features very useful to the sales counter that are part of a good Liquor POS. Customer tracking and rewards for repeat customers are two great features that will increase sales. Real time inventory reports allow orders to be made as soon as inventory is depleted.

In the back office, store-wide discounts can easily be set up. There is always an instant real-time record of what the contents of the cash drawer should be. Budgets, balance sheets and profit/loss statements are only a few of the many reports available to a liquor store manager based on the day’s sales.

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