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Use Liquor Store POS Software to Speed Up Checkout Lines

How to Use Liquor POS Software to Speed Up Checkout Lines

Think to a time when your wife (or husband/significant other/friend/etc.) called you while you were on your way home from work. They wanted you to pick up a bottle of Cabernet. You stopped into the first liquor store you saw, thinking it will be a quick trip. While standing in line, you realize it was not a quick trip after all. Your mind may have ended up wondering, “where is the next liquor store,” “why is this line so long,” and “does my wife really need this bottle of Cabernet?” save-time-stay-on-top

Today, you are a liquor store owner, or manager, and want to cut down the wait time for your customers. You have been there and want to make the trip quick for them so they continue to come back. Here are a few ways Liquor Store Software can make the line run more efficiently and smoothly for not only your customers, but your employees as well.

The use of barcodes and 2D Scanners.

  • Using barcodes will allow your employees to quickly scan in items, making the transaction go faster. Additionally, using barcodes eliminates human error when entering a product or price manually.
  • Using 2D scanners allows your employee to scan the barcode on the back of drivers’ licenses to check for age verification. Additionally, this eliminates human error in reading the incorrect  date or not noticing the license is expired.

Search by Item or Product Type

  • mPower Beverage’s Point of Sale allows your employees to search by item or product type. For example, Jane comes into the store and she wants to know if you have any Absolut in stock. Your employee can quickly let Jane know if the item is in stock and the quantity. If she were to ask what brand of vodkas are in stock, your employee can simply look up [vodka] and let Jane know.

Line Busting

  • Use a tablet and a scanner to bust up your lines. Take the tablet to the customer and ring in their transaction. You may also assist customers with questions like Jane may have had from before, if Absolut is in stock or what brand of vodkas are in stock.
  • Additionally, you may use the tablet to take physical inventory count.

More Awesome POS Tools

  • Quick Keys: Use the quick keys to quickly tender out a customer, add a customer to the transaction, put a transaction on hold, and more.
  • Automatic discounts: These will be automatically applied during the days and/or times of your choosing for promotions. They will also be applied on on-going discounts such as, two 12-packs for a price of a case.
  • Email receipts: Save paper! With modern technology and the shopping habits of today, most customers either do not want their receipt, or would prefer it to be emailed to them. Have the option to not print, print, or email the receipt within your POS system.

These are just a few of the ways a modern point of sale system for liquor stores can help you speed up your lines. To learn more about us and how we can help you run your store more efficiently, please contact our sales team at (877) 396-0141 or click here to fill out the contact form.

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