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Liquor Store POS Screen Layout

mPower Liquor Store POS Screen Layout

When it comes to choosing a POS, you may want something a little more modern. This blog post is to breakdown the look and feel of the mPower point of sale interface.

The interface offers options, but don’t be intimidated! It is super simple to use and you can get the hang of it within just 10-minutes or less.

POS Screen Overview

pos modern view liquor store

POS Left-hand Corner

On the top left-hand corner of the POS screen you will see the Register, Cashier, Transaction time, and Total number of items within the sale. This particular screen shot shows that this register is #3 and store 1. The transaction is also currently a sale. This can change to return if you are processing a return. Additionally, it will also quickly show you the 18 and 21-year old birthdays. You can hide them if you wish.

Additionally shown in this screen shot is item information. Once an item is scanned into the transaction, you will see their SKU, Size, Qty, Retail Price, and any Promotions tied to that item. These columns can be changed to view more or less columns.

liquor pos ages

POS Receipt & Help View

The receipt view is on the right-hand side of the POS screen. We can customize this to your logo and add your website, return policy, and more to the bottom of the receipt.

Additionally, above the receipt you have quick links to Help, which is a video library of how-to’s for mPower, and Support. The support link is helpful in quickly allowing support to gain access to the computer.

pos liquor receipt

Review Totals on POS Screen

While your employee is scanning items into the transaction, they can easily see the discounts and totals. You can also hide the total if desired.

pos total view

POS Function (aka Hot) Keys

The Point of Sale offers 5 sets of 10 function keys. These can be arranged to how you would look, and only the ones you want your cashiers to have access to. These are the few common function keys: Cash, Credit, Lookup, Secure Register, and Open/Close. You can also have keys that are for Ice, Lotto, and Payout.

hot keys liquor pos


That is a quick and simple overview on how the mPower Liquor Store POS software application appears. To learn more about the point of sale and see the different functions in action, reach out to our sales team by clicking here.

BONUS! Change the colors, button size, and text size to your liking! Also, as always, our POS is touchscreen compatible.

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