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How to Manage a Liquor Store with a POS

Manage Your Liquor Store,

With a Liquor Store Point of Sale System.

Managing a liquor store is a stressful job. You have to manage product, various promotions, employees, and more. By utilizing a liquor store point of sale, you can have peace of mind that everything is running smoothly – especially when you are not on location.

Here are 5 ways the right liquor store POS will help you manage your store:

1. Inventory Management

Two ways a POS can help you with inventory management is by simplifying the ordering process and making receiving a quick and easy process. How does mPower help you accomplish this?

1a. Simplified Ordering

mPower offers you a couple different ways to create purchase orders. You can easily create a new list by adding the select items you would like to order – no matter who the vendor is. We also have need-to-order reports that assist you with your ordering. These reports allow you to order items by par counts, sales velocity, case deals, and more. Additionally, when you are creating a purchase order you can see how the product sold in the past, edit your quantities, edit your pricing, and more. Once your list is completed and you click create PO, it will create a PO for every vendor on the list. You can then print out the PO’s or email them.

1b. Quick Receiving

mPower allows you to receive product quickly. We have created a “to-do list” that lists all your PO’s. Once a PO arrives, simply open up the file, change price or quantities if required, and then click on receive all. You can also scan in the items one by one if you prefer to receive product that way.

2. Reports

Having multiple reports that track employee hours, sales by day, promotions, zero movement report, and more, you can easily not only get a high overview of what’s going on in the store, but you can dig deep into the raw data.

3. Employee Management

mPower allows you to have security preferences when it comes to your employees. You can allow them as little, or as much, access you would like for them to have. This can come in handy when you are managing your cashiers and managers POS rights. You can also choose which reports and back office functions your managers have access to.

4. Customer Management

If your local/state laws permit, you may want to offer a customer loyalty program. You can offer your customer points to store credit or cash back based off of their purchases. You can also give certain customers special discounts. This is great for wine clubs, wholesale customers, and more. Additionally, you can track their purchase in their account which allows you to pull past receipts and find out which product they have previously purchased but forgot the name.

5. Simple Transactions 

With a simple to use, modern POS interface, you can quickly get your customers in and out of the store. With mPower’s POS, your employees can also look up items and add customers to transactions. Promotions can also be automatically applied so the cashiers do not have to remember the multiple offers the store may have.


By implementing or upgrading a liquor store POS system, you can easily manage your store. If the POS allows, you can even access it from your home, or while on vacation. Continuously have eyes on your store to track your inventory, run reports, change pricing, and more. Running a liquor store doesn’t have to be difficult with the right tools in place.

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