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Liquor Store Display Ideas: End Caps, 50ML, and more.

Display Ideas for Liquor Stores

Sometimes trying to keep the store fresh and highlighting some items can become redundent. Maybe you just dont know how to display them? Below are a few ideas for your end caps, 50ml bottles, and the register.

End Caps

Get creative! The end caps shown here are a mix of all the same brand, different brands (including mix and match discounts!), highlighting wines, and using barrels.

There is no limit to how creative or what you should even showcase. Maybe it’s your best selling items or maybe it’s a closeout item. The choice is up to you!

50ML Stands and Shelves

Sometimes these little bottles can stress anyone out trying to display them. You want them to be easily accessible but near the register. Below are a few ideas. They utilize baskets, the register end caps, and even it’s own shelf display!

Register Displays

This can be a struggle! You are selling items other than alcohol but they also need to be relevant. Below you will find displays that offer items needed for beer pong, glasses, snacks, and even suggesting the customers to sign up for email blasts. There is never a bad time, or place, to offer customers something a little extra!


We hope this post helps spark some ideas for you to display product in your store! If you have an additional idea we should highlight, comment below!

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