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How to Improve Liquor Store Sales

How to Improve Liquor Store Sales

Technology and the way we purchase things is constantly changing.  Therefore, you always need to be thinking of ways to improve the store and/or your marketing strategy. By having a liquor store POS system in place, you should be able to seamlessly implement new ideas and tactics to improve your stores sales. Below are a few ideas that you could implement into your store:


eCommerce Is more than just online shopping these days. It now includes phone/tablet apps and delivery. There are a couple different ways you can implement eCommerce into your store.

  1. Create a website and allow shipping and/or delivery/in-store pickup.
  2. Create an app and allow shipping and/or delivery/in-store pickup.
  3. Utilize services such as MiniBar, Drizly, and Drync.

drizlylogoThose are a few ways you can implement eCommerce into your store. The first two are a more store orientated solution while the third is a more general, usually less cost effective, option.

Wine Center

Ok, so it doesn’t have to be a wine center specifically. You can just create a great display. By creating a wine center or a display with additional information, shoppers can learn about products more than they would have if they were just sitting on a shelf somewhere. This gives you an opportunity to not only to sell the product but get to know your customer instead. It can allow for suggestive selling or up sales.

Promotions and Rewards

sale icon

Another way you could increase sales, is to offer promotions or rewards. By offering promotions, you are enticing the customer to purchase something they normally would not have purchased or purchase additional products in addition to their intended purchase. Customers are drawn to sales/promotions because they view it as saving money. Try a couple small promotions and see if they work for your store. You may also keep in mind to test different products to see which would work best. You can also tie in a rewards system to offer cash back or points for purchases. We have some promotion ideas listed here and how to choose a reward system here.

By adding eCommerce, putting a spotlight on a department or product, or simply offering a promotion, you can make your store name more known. Thus, it should in return, improve the stores sales.

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