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Utilizing Electronic Shelf Tags for Liquor Stores

Electronic Shelf Tags for Liquor Stores & Beer Stores

Utilizing an electronic shelf tag can help you manage pricing more efficiently within your store. Pricing is more automatic and can give you the competitive advantage. Keep reading to learn about electronic shelf tags and how they can benefit your liquor store.

What is an Electronic Shelf Tag?

An electronic shelf tag is a digital price label. These are used by liquor stores, and retailers alike, to display not only price information, but product information as well. Prices and product information can be changed wirelessly and immediately through the integrated communication network.

How do Electronic Shelf Tags Work?

The electronic shelf tags are attached to the front edge of the retail shelving, similar to paper tags. There is no difference in readability as the electronic shelf tag are in electronic paper or LCD format. A wireless gateway is used to change the pricing from your computer to your shelf tag. This will help make sure that pricing of items is current and correct.

Image by Clare McDonald

Benefits of an Electronic Shelf Tag

The electronic shelf tag offers liquor stores dynamic pricing. The dynamic pricing can happen in seconds by offering promotional pricing that reflects customer patterns, clearance or events. This leaves the pricing model flexible and efficient, essentially giving your store a competitive advantage. For example, the liquor store down the street is selling a 6-pack of Corona for $10.99 and you’re selling it for $12.99.

With electronic shelf tags you can easily change your store pricing within seconds to have that competitive advantage. This is especially helpful when looking at your competitors pricing and being proactive in meeting – or beating – their prices. Sometimes that can require you to change pricing multiple times within a day. Electronic shelf tags can help you accomplish those changes more efficiently.

The “WOW” Factor

By utilizing the electronic shelf tag, liquor stores would be taking an eco-friendly approach to their store and increasing the “wow” factor by appearance. By utilizing the electronic shelf tag, there is instant display of pricing changes leaving the tag price accurate while being in-sync with the point of sale system. An example of this would be, on Mondays from 9 a.m. to Noon, Seniors receive a 15% discount off beverage purchases. During this promotion, the senior price may be displayed on the shelf tag. When the promotion ends, efficiently remove the senior pricing.

Depending on the shelf tag retailer that is chosen, employees are also able to view store only information through the electronic shelf tag. This information may include what items are in back stock, items that are in transit, quantity on hand and the ability to do manual inventory counts. This allows employees to quickly inform customers if they have the item, and if they don’t, when they can expect the item to be back in stock.

Overall, electronic shelf tags can save liquor stores time and money. By electronically changing prices you are eliminating the extra employee time to change prices and printing expenses. Additionally, the extra employee may now be used to service customers when sales periods are high, giving customers an overall better store experience.


mPower Beverage Software does not sell electronic shelf tags. We are Point of Sale software designed specifically for beer, wine, & liquor retailers. If you wish to have electronic shelf tags within your store, mPower Beverage can integrate with the shelf tags to provide up-to-date accurate pricing.
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