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Three Components of an Efficient Liquor POS System

Three Components of an Efficient Liquor POS System

Running a liquor store has a lot of requirements. Main requirements include keeping track of inventory, ordering and receiving product, viewing sales reports, and checking out customers. We’ve written many blogs on the various things a liquor store software should have, so we wanted to create one with three things some people forget about. This includes the ability to price out beer inventory down to the bottle, a system that will grow with you, and rewarding your customers. Keep reading to learn how these components stood out when it comes to having an efficient liquor POS system.

Ability to Manage Case Breaks & Mix and Match


Not only is it important to make sure you have the right inventory on your shelf, but it is important to be able to efficiently manage the pricing of your products. mPower offers you the ability to manage your cases, packs, and singles all under one item while allowing you to set prices for each separately. This allows you to offer Build Your Own 6-Packs and order inventory at what you need. Some POS systems you have each item as their own individual item, which can cause over-ordering. Additionally, mPower also allows you to set-up mix and match pricing. Some examples of these include case price discounts, bottle discounts on wine, buy 2 get 1 for X, and more.

Multi-Location Management

Not everyone needs multi-location management, and we understand that! Some states don’t allow you to have more than one store. This point is important though because you want a POS that will grow with you. What if you wish to open a 2nd location? What if you want to add another register? What if your inventory is more than the average joe? The POS software you choose should be able to assist you with these effortlessly.

Customer Loyalty & Rewards


We’ve written a few blogs about customer loyalty and rewards. With the way technology and stores are leaning today, we cannot praise this enough. It’s beginning to be a lot like, “there’s an app for that” saying. Everyone has rewards these days – Fast food (ex. Chik Fil A), restaurants (ex. Chili’s), retail (ex. Boutiques), etc. Your liquor (or wine/beer) store is just as important as those stores! Make your customers feel appreciated and reward them for their purchases. Additionally, if you are able to manage customers (state laws permit) you can mail or e-mail them specials or alerts of new products. Keep them coming in for more!


There are many aspects of a liquor store POS that can help you manage your store more efficiently. This blog post highlights 3 options, but are definitely not the only features a system offers. You can learn more about mPower Beverage features by clicking here. You can also contact our sales team to set-up an online demonstration to see the system in live action. Even if you’re just thinking about switching, check us out!

If you have more questions regarding Liquor Store POS Software, click here to Contact mPower Beverage or call (877) 396-0141.
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