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Is your Liquor POS Software Losing you Money?

Is your Liquor POS Software Losing you Money?

Whether you operate a mom-and-pop store or a large liquor franchise, liquor POS software is the hub of customer and inventory activity. Owners need to have an easy way to access inventory, sales, and more at any given time of day or location. Most stores have an all-in-one system that caters to multiple retail sectors but having a POS system that is catered towards beer, wine, and liquor retail stores is essential. The liquor store industry has very different inventory needs (not to mention laws) than other retail sectors. By not having the right POS in place, you could add hundreds or thousands of dollars over time.

Accurate Inventory Control

The most important part of running a liquor store is inventory control. Having the correct inventory system in place will allow you to order products based on sales history, day supply on hand, and more. By havisng a system that allows you to order based on needs, you can easily be notified of what product is low in stock and needs to be ordered quickly. This allows you to quickly restock the item before running out and losing out on a sale.

Additionally, if you utilize barcodes, inventory can be easily scanned in and out of the system for real-time inventory status. Barcodes also allow your cashiers to quickly checkout customers, allowing customers to move through the line faster than ever before.

Pricing Consistency

Nothing is more frustrating to a customer when checking out and a product rings up as the wrong price. Having a POS with a built-in ticket printing and automatic promotion features can help eliminate pricing errors. The built-in ticket printing feature allows you to easily print shelf tags when prices change or simply go on sale. The automatic promotion feature allows you to create promotions, such as 10% off Case of Wine, that will automatically take place on the point of sale if the customer is purchasing the correct amount of product.

Employee Tracking

Liquor POS software isn’t simply just about inventory tracking. It also provides many other benefits that includes employee tracking. Not only can you track who sells what, provides what discounts, etc. you can also track their work hours. With an employee log-in feature, they can quickly log-in or out providing your accounting team with accurate time card records. By reducing payroll issues, more time can be dedicated to work and enhancing the floor.

Additionally, by utilizing the time clock feature on the point of sale, you can have immediate messaging. Your store may offer a special deal one day that employees are unaware of when they arrive. By having a POS system with a messaging feature, employees can be notified of any new sales when they login. This will allow them to relay the information to customers quickly.


In conclusion, with a proper liquor store system in place, you gain amazing benefits regular cash registers and all-in-one systems just don’t provide. Consider upgrading to a retail beverage specific system to enhance your business.

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