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Using the POS ‘Loan’ Function within mPower Beverage

Using the mPower Liquor POS ‘Loan’ Function

If you have ever clicked on “Drawer” or “Payout” on your register, you will notice that you can adjust cash amounts within your drawer. This function is typically used when receiving a payment for goods or paying a handy man. But did you know there is another handy option to use this button within mPower Beverage?

Think back to a time when you have forgotten to enter in your opening drawer amounts. You go to close the drawer at the end of the day and search for a reason of why your drawer will not balance. What are you to do? There is a way in the mPower Beverage Point of Sale to enter in your opening amounts late. (Note: This is not to be used daily, but as a tool if they are forgotten.)

If you have forgotten to enter in your opening amount, go into your register and follow the video below.


You may enter any opening amount.
“To” can be anyone.
Reason is your choice. Safe Drop will automatically be in there.
Comment your reason for the adjustment.
Hit OK.






If you wish to have various reason codes, open mPower Back Office and follow the video below.


Database -> Setup Files -> Adjustment Type
Add/Edit your adjustments according to video above.




If you have further questions regarding the ‘loan’ function within mPower Beverage, please contact our support team at 972-234-5884 ext. 1.

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